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Tell Romania Project - Buildings

God is at work in cities, town and villages throughout Romania. Churches are coming into being and outgrowing the homes or other places in which they meet. They need places for worship and witness but often do not have the resources required.

I am seeking to support two very different building projects.

1. Odoreu

In the small community of Odoreu near Satu Mare in Northern Romania, a mighty move of God is happening among the gypsy community. A church has now been formed (around thirty to forty people are attending). A church has now been erected. A community facility has also been built beside the church. Both buildings now need to be fully finished and furnished.

Opening of the first phase of the project

Hamilton preaching in Odoreu

Service in Odoreu

more pictures and information on the development of the church

see short videos of Odoreu

I am praying that God will put it in the hearts of God’s people in the UK to help with the financial needs of this project. If you wish to fellowship with me in this, all donations will be gratefully received and forwarded without deduction.

We have been given a number of gifts including an organ, seating, and bathroom equipment for the project and this was taken to Romania in April 2012.


2. Târgu Mureș

The city of Târgu Mureș has a population of 150,000 people. The believers there have been erecting their church building but still need much support.

Târgu Mureș

They need to complete the second storey which will be their sanctuary. At the moment it is exposed to the elements and they are preparing to put in the windows.

Târgu Mureș

The cost for each window is approximately £240. Would you as individuals or as a Church consider sponsoring one or more windows? This would be such a blessing to the believers there as they seek to be a window for the Gospel into that needy city. Thank you for fellowshipping with me in this project.