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Sharing His Bounty

‘Sharing God’s Bounty’ with Tell Romania, is a beautifully presented Cookery Book containing a variety of recipes, tips and techniques. It contains a selection of coloured images from Emanuel Hospice and Casa Grace Foundation – a treasured and thoughtful gift. (Retailing at £10 each).

By individually purchasing copies or offering them to your various ladies groups, friends, you will ‘Feed the Hungry and Dying’ throughout 2018.

Copies may be obtained by contacting:

Mobile Number: 0796873 9330

Hope in the midst of shadows

"My good friend Hamilton Moore has written this book to lift our spirits, enlighten our minds and above all to encourage our hope in our Eternal Lord." Pastor Val English

By The Grace of God

An autobiography by Dr Hamilton Moore
to mark 50 years in ministry 1966-2016

The Letters to Timothy and Titus by Dr Hamilton Moore

The Letters to Timothy and Titus. A commentary by Dr. Hamilton Moore - Missional Texts from a Great Missionary Statesman. Hardback Cover. Over 300 pages.

All proceeds from the distribution of this book will be used for the "Life and Learning Fund" for Pastors and Students in the land of Romania.

These Letters are of vital importance in any study of the New Testament. In them the Apostle Paul encourages, warns and teaches Timothy and Titus and in fact through them, the churches in Ephesus and Crete. The emphasis on being faithful to the truth and sharing the gospel through local Church witness and Christian lifestyle is as relevant now in the twenty-first century as it was in the first.

I hope this book will bring challenges to the church today to continue by these means to further the mission of God. It is primarily aimed at providing a resource for busy pastors, enabling them to understand how one can interpret the biblical text faithfully and practically for the benefit of the people of God.

Hamilton Moore


These books are £10 each and can be ordered on the donate link below


by contacting Coleraine Baptist Church Office.

by contacting Pastor David McFarland

Copies will be available in various churches. Ask you church if they can obtain one for you.

If you want a copy posted, please donate £20 to the Tell Romania Fund for Life and Learning which supports Pastors and Students in Romania, you will receive a copy in the mail at our earliest convenience. When making a donation please use the "Comments" field to specify what book or books you want.

Donations can be sent by post to us. (Please do not send cash through the post. Cheques should be made payable to TELL ROMANIA)

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"God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them." Hebrews 6:10