Links to associated web sites

Emanuel University

is a Christian university with the young people studying either Theology, Music, Social Work, Literature or Management or a combination of these and the vision is to send them all out from Emanuel as witnesses for the Lord.

Emanuel Hospice Oradea

“The mission of our organization is to provide in the spirit of Christian love, an optimal quality of life to the patients with advanced incurable diseases from our community so that they can live peacefully and in dignity.”

Casa Grace  

CASA Grace are acting out the love of Jesus in Oradea. Every day they go out and feed the hungry, clothe the naked, care for the sick and reach out to the strangers in their midst; those who are aliens in their own communities, outcasts through poverty or illness.

Slavic Gospel Association 

Its aim is to serve the Church among the Slavic nations of the world by assisting it to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ.

Irish Baptist College

where I served for 22 years. The Irish Baptist College is the official training department of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland.  While existing primarily to serve the needs of its own churches and missions department, IBC welcomes candidates from all kinds of Christian backgrounds, and the suitability of its courses for the equipping of men and women for the whole spectrum of Christian service is recognised widely.

Revival Movement (Every Home Crusade)

is an Interdenominational Evangelistic Mission which was commenced over 60 years ago. Their work involves publishing and printing Gospel Literature in over 95 Languages. This literature is supplied free of charge to many Missions, Churches, Pastors and Christian workers in over 120 countries.

2hearts Ministries

The ministry of Pastor David McFarland who, through ill-health, has developed an internet ministry offering spiritual support to those facing major heart trauma. He also assists smaller ministries to have a presence on the web. He has designed, hosts and maintains this web site free of any cost to Tell Romania.