Iochebed is a counselling centre in Suceava for unwanted pregnancies, proving God’s love for the sanctity of life, offering counselling, help, free pregnancy tests,  education and information to women who had or have had an unwanted pregnancy.  Everyone is treated with respect, concern and compassion and receives emotional, spiritual and material support.

Iochebed team

Most of the women and girls who come are very poor.  They cannot afford to go to a doctor for tests and don’t know if they or their unborn child are sick.   In such cases everyone is taken to a gynaecologist where an ultrasound test is carried out.  Most families have at least 6-7 children and live in one small room with the whole family, without electricity or water.  We try to help these women, by providing clothes, food, and medicine for the family. We also provide powdered milk and diapers for the children.   Every year over three hundred children receive a filled back pack enabling them to go to school.

During the Christmas period we have a special time for these women and their children, offering food, clothing and gifts for the entire family as we know they are unable to provide even one Christmas gift for their little ones.

We also try to provide for the baby from birth and throughout the first year.  Urgent needs are also met.

“For you always have the poor with you; but you do not always have Me” Matthew 26:11.