Glory in the Cross

Glory in the Cross by Hamilton Moore

Glory in the Cross

A commentary on Galatians

by Dr. Hamilton Moore

The Book is due to be published in October.

A commentary emphasising the sufficiency of the cross; salvation by grace alone, without works, through faith alone. In Christ, believers are a new creation, justified, children of the promise, adopted as sons of God, the highest gospel blessing, with power through the Holy Spirit to exhibit a truly Christian lifestyle. Paul encourages the Galatian Christians rather than “gratifying the desires of the flesh…provoking one another, envying one another,” (5:16-26) that they know what it is to “walk in the Spirit” manifesting “the fruit of the Spirit,” a Christlikeness which means that their lives will be different from that of the world. There is a sweetness, a godliness, a submissiveness when the Holy Spirit is in control, as one seeks to follow the teaching or “law of Christ,” (6:2). Here we have the goal of this Epistle.