Sharing God’s Bounty


‘Sharing God’s Bounty’ with Tell Romania, is a beautifully presented Cookery Book containing a variety of recipes, tips and techniques. It contains a selection of coloured images from Emanuel Hospice and Casa Grace Foundation – a treasured and thoughtful gift. (Retailing at £10 each – postage £3 extra ).



By individually purchasing copies or offering them to your various ladies groups, friends, you will ‘Feed the Hungry and Dying’ throughout 2018. Listen to the gentle knocking at the door of your heart, and answer ‘I Care’!




Copies may be obtained by contacting:

Alison McCloy

Mobile Number: 0796873 9330



Thank you,


Please help TELL ROMANIA to give a portion of bread to the Children of Romania.  £20 per month will help one family each month.