‘A Basket of Blessing’

‘Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store’ (Deut. 28: 5).

Dear Sister Shirley, I have a question about one of our patients. He is a little boy of two years of age who has just completed his chemotherapy, the side effects have left him unable to eat. I would really like to help this family.  Do you think I can use some of the money from the Tell Romania Feeding Programme to purchase a blender to help this little one to eat?  

A little darling deprived of fun and playtime, so ill he is unable to eat.  As I thought of this precious little boy where the shades of life are falling, a dew of quietness crowded my mind.  I thought of the countless families running on empty where all sense of hope has been trampled into hard ground.  Lives for whom seasons do not change, all they know is the coldness of ‘winter’.  Here we have a poor yet humble young family; their breadbasket is always empty. Those who have little for breakfast, no lunch, a scanty bite for dinner, living (in the words of a familiar saying) from hand to mouth, living today, hoping for tomorrow’s portion, even a bread basket portion.  Many for whom health has gone, wealth is far removed, character is left wanting. John Wesley said: ‘Do all the good you can, By all the means you can, In all the ways you can, In all the places you can, At all the times you can, To all the people you can’.

FABI (22) our patient is suffering from epidermolysis bollosa, an extremely rare genetic skin condition. Recently, she received an oncological diagnosis; treatment commenced last week. The tumour is causing Fabi a lot of discomfort and extreme pain as it evolves in her hand. Please pray for her Mum who is always beside her to care for her.  I have known Fabi since she was ten years of age, I remember driving her home after an Emanuel Hospice Children’s Day Outing where on that particular June day it was 41 degs. (rather hot).  Fabi is an amazing young lady.

DELI passed away in February; now the family are going through deep sorrow. They are overwhelmed by grief; the younger brother finds comfort in doing things Delia used to do and is always asking when she is coming back. Deli’s younger sister cannot understand where Deli has gone.  Both parents express their sadness through crying; they hope they will see her one day when we all meet in heaven.

NEEMIA (4) is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Neemia has five siblings, and his parents must care for each of them. Unfortunately, Neemia has relapsed, and he requires a second round of chemotherapy treatment. Young parents whose hearts are torn apart as they watch their little one suffer.

Sister Shirley, thank you again for your patience and the love you have for us as a team and our patients! I hope you and Dr. Moore are well.  Miss You.


GIZELA is a patient with cervix cancer which recently metastasised in her lymph nodes in the abdomen. Additionally, she and her family came face to face with another tragedy – part of the rented accommodation in which she lives has been destroyed by fire.  We give thanks to the Lord no one was injured. They are a poor family; there is an urgent need for finance to repair the house in order to make in habitable.

MARIA is a patient suffering from breast cancer. Approximately ten years ago, she went through surgery and received a series of chemotherapy treatments; now she has relapsed with metastasis spreading throughout her abdomen.  Conjointly, she has bilateral lymphoedema (massive swelling of both inferior limbs), which causes extreme pain and difficulty in moving. In order to ease her pain and discomfort. Her husband has to change her position almost every hour.  He is very supportive, loving and caring.

ZOLTAN is a patient diagnosed with pulmonary cancer and brain metastasis. Zoltan’s wife lovingly and without complaint takes care of her beloved husband.  They had a son who died at the age of fifteen; he was suffering from leukaemia.  This precious lady hides her pain behind a smile.  Every day her mind relives those days of pain and suffering as she watched life slowly fade away for her little boy.  The reality of her fear is that she recognises her beloved husband is becoming weaker day by day.  There are days he is unable to speak, other days he does not know where he is and does not recognise his beloved wife.  

LAURA is a young patient who has been in our care for two years. She has liver cancer with multiple metastasis. The initial round of chemotherapy was successful in controlling her illness.  Recently she started to feel unwell. Larua was rushed to hospital for emergency gallbladder surgery as the doctors believed this was the cause of the sickness.  Following the postsurgical procedure Laura developed a very high fever which was unresponsive to medication. She had to undergo further surgery, and remains in hospital, waiting for the fourth surgery. The surgeons are unable to identify why her body is not responding but more importantly, the root cause for the infection in her organs. We wait to receive an update.

Your support and prayers have been a blessing to me along these years of ministry, and by God’s grace, I hope He will use us here in the coming years. May God bless your generosity and your kind heart. 


‘I have served in Sofronea Baptist Church for seven years.  My main focus was always the youth and the children who will be the people of tomorrow.  Our goal is to reach a young generation who are in desperate need for the Gospel. By God’s grace we have a great ministry with children and youth in Sofronea and at Ferma, where in total. (as you already know Sister Shirley) we have fifty children and teenagers who hear the Gospel every week. My ministry expands to secular schools in Arad County where I teach Baptist theology. There, I interact with hundreds of children every week many of whom are not my students’.

‘Last week, we received the boxes containing football kits, sweatshirts, and backpacks. All these items will be distributed in the coming months to children in my village and in the schools (one of the schools is 80% gypsy) to kids who are in need. I am blessed to be able to reach these children and the clothing items are a useful tool to help those with whom I am constantly meeting and guiding’.

As I write the sun is appearing filling the room with light, a feeling each time I meet the One who brings light in dark moments. The visits, bread, food, shoes, backpacks, clothes, medication, treatments, discussions with school teachers, offer light, hope and joy into the very troubled lives of the children and families of Casa Grace.  Sister Shirley, my heart thanks you and your team for your love and care for these precious people. May each loaf of bread, each pair of shoes, each meal, show God’s love and saving Grace! 


SEBI (9) his condition remains unchanged. Conflicts continue between his father and his stepmother who has tried to be a loving mum to young Sebi who was abandoned as a baby.   Sebi fears he is going to lose the security and love he has found and is now filled with anxiety, resulting in aggressive behaviour as that of his father.   Sebi has had to leave his rural school and has been placed in a school catering for children with special needs. Please pray for God’s guidance as we talk to him that he will lose his aggression and find peace in his young heart. 

ALBERT (9) another young boy caught in the conflict of aggressive behaviour and a family feud.  The situation became untenable resulting in the family moving yet again.  Albert is struggling to adapt to another new school and with a different method of learning.  The standards of this new school demand higher grades etc. Pray that he will ‘try’ to do better and be encouraged by each minute we spend with him! An urgent prayer request:  Albert’s mum will have to undergo surgery to remove a large tumour; may God grant her good results and quick recovery. This results in a lot of fear and uncertainty for young Albert to process. 

REKA (10) remains close in our heart.  A precious little girl who still mourns the loss of her beloved grandfather.  Reka and her grandmother have been forced to move to a small rented apartment; many changes in such a short space of time.  Reka now has to be within walking distance of a school as the aging grandmother must now find work.   Reka was very attached to her grandfather. She is filled with fear if grandma died suddenly too, saying, ‘who would love me, who would want me?’  This has resulted in her grades dropping during the past month.  Pray for peace in the troubled lives of these children of sorrow.

ZOLTAN (11) lives with his mum and two older brothers.  His father died of cancer and he is very sad. His school results are poor. He has become introverted and is struggling to form new friendships, more importantly, to achieve the requirements of his school curriculum. May the support they receive show His Light and Love for them.

Praise the Lord for all that He has done for us so far. We are thankful that He in His infinite kindness is fulfilling His plan in the fight for life. We are so thankful for you, God through you helped so many children, women and their families. We praise God for the two babies born this month. May God be praised and honoured!

Together in ministry, 

Gabi, Mihaela and Loredana

ANDRADA is a young mother (23) she has two children (7yrs and 18 months) She is now thirty-two weeks into her pregnancy, it has been confirmed the birth will be by caesarean section.  Last week, she developed serious symptoms causing concern and was admitted to hospital. Andrada remains in hospital undergoing treatment. May God be with her to enable the birth of a healthy baby!

NICOLAS is a baby boy of 8 months; he is the third child of Laura. Nicolas has a low immune system and has been admitted to hospital suffering from bronchitis. Laura is overwhelmed, as her husband has been diagnosed with leukaemia and attends the main hospital in Cluj for treatment. Laura is afraid the small baby will develop asthma as has her older son.  Laura stays in the hospital with Nicolas who has bronchitis and chicken pox(varicella). She was advised to go to Lasi for further investigations as the consultants suspect baby Nicolas may be Down Syndrome. May God place His loving hands upon this little darling.

DORINA is a mother of two young children, she is facing hardships because she has to move from where she lives; there is nowhere she can go.   She came to our centre in a distressed state requesting our help in prayer.  We serve a God who makes all things beautiful in His time.   The team of Iochebed were able to secure a rental property.  Tell Romania will fund the rental until such times as a permanent solution can be found.   The children don’t want a basket filled with Easter eggs, they simply want a place to call home protected by the loving arms of Mummy.

RAMONA gave birth to her baby two weeks ago.  She has many issues regarding caring and feeding for her little one.  Fear is real, pray for this young girl. 

When we think of ‘Baskets of Blessing’ our mind visualises baskets of sweet-smelling delicate flowers adding colour; luscious fruits depicting a harvest of plenty; excited children carrying Easter baskets. Yet many baskets are filled with tangled threads, lives broken, knotted by the lapse of years of hardship and disappointment.  The landscape of our lives does not remain the same. It is so important during these days of change to dwell in the secret place.  ‘Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly …’  Col 3: 16.  God’s word brings peace, comfort and the courage to face these changing landscapes knowing we are journeying to a heavenly landscape, our eternal home.  

‘I have looked back to times of trial with a kind of longing, not to have them return, but to feel the strength of God as I have felt it then, to feel the power of faith, as I have felt it then, to hang upon God’s powerful arm as I hung upon it then, and to see God at work as I saw him then’. (C.H. Spurgeon).

Shirley, March 26, 2024. 

42B Bernice Road, Newtownabbey BT36 4QZ


Alison and I have been brought to a place where we have proved God’s unwavering faithfulness. For days my mind was absorbed in thinking of the children’s oncology wards close to my heart.  In a telephone conversation with Estera, I was to know the reason why.  All children’s oncology wards have now been closed and the Emanuel Hospice team are caring for all the sick children in their homes. God’s whispers are always timely. Alison oversaw the first consignment which will reach Oradea this weekend. Baskets of blessing filled with pyjamas, slippers, socks, leggings, T-shirts, anoraks, quilts, teddies. We are overwhelmed by the response which will ease the private fears of young parents as they offer love and care from a heart that is breaking inside.  The Lord never forgets to send the moonlit sky with glowing stars. Thank you for bringing a glow of hope to an overshadowed sky.