In Acts 13v27 Paul and Barnabas returned to Antioch and ‘declared all that God had done with them and how he had opened a door of faith…’ We also wish to share the many opportunities we have been granted and what God is continuing to do in Romania.

SUCEAVA Just after Easter we travelled to the Suceava region in the north east of the country to work with Pastor Catalin Croitor. The 10 days were filled with many ministry opportunities: preaching in churches, some in very remote locations (but God’s Holy Spirit has reached them!); in the Pentecostal High School with 500 young people on Relativism and the Bible; speaking to Pastors and their wives; teaching in the SGA school on Christian Ethics.

ORADEA AND BEYOND Many weeks were spent in sharing the gospel in villages around Oradea. One Sunday we travelled with a team of Students from Emanuel on a ‘Mission trip’ to preach where I have been many times, in the Satu Mare and Odoreu churches. It was encouraging to see how much the believers had appreciated the many things sent, especially the ‘shoe project’ – 1300 pairs from mainly Newtownbreda Baptist Church.

The end of May brought the Graduation of another 120 students from Emanuel. Pray for them as they endeavour to fulfil the University’s vision of taking the Gospel out into the land of Romania whatever the role they will pursue in life.

In Oradea we again had the opportunity to teach on Radio Voice of the Gospel this time on Last Things – Shirley on encouragement for women. Precious times were spent sharing the word with the Emanuel Hospice staff weekly Prayer Meeting.

MISSION OPPORTUNITIES God gave us opportunity to take two further mission trips, first to the Zalau region and again back to Odoreu, the Roma Church outside Satu Mare. We began near Zalau with the SGA School in Piecieu on the Cults, but went again to teach the Roma men seeking to learn more – two Gypsy kings are among the believers. Two nights were spent on Romans and an amazing Sunday preaching twice in Piecieu with Pastor Calin Talos and then in two Gypsy locations – one in Huseni where Remus the Gypsy ‘king’ has his flock. God is working mightily among these people! While I was away, Shirley was able to visit individual cancer sufferers in Hospice care and provide funding for travel and treatment for them and to be involved on the Special day out for the Hospice children and their families. How much love these children need as they struggle with personal illness and loss.

The last weekend was with Pastor Remus Oanta in Satu Mare and Odoreu. The emphasis here was on encouraging and strengthening the believers, particularly the men of the church. I assisted Tommy Cairns (Newtownbreda) as we brought some teaching on Biblical Leadership. On these visits you are always deeply challenged to see the joy of the believers, while they live in such poverty. We are challenged by the openness of the whole congregation to receive the gospel and the guidance of God’s word. Cast your bread upon the waters and you will find it after many days. Ecc. 11v1.

CONTAINER No 8 On Saturday 26th Sept. we sent another 40ft lorry with many things for the Roma people in Odoreu (single beds and couches, clothes, bicycles and washing machines, shower trays etc., for the room in the back of the church since mains water – not yet in homes – has been piped up the street). Medical supplies and wheel chairs, tools also were on board for Cluj.

PRAY FOR US Next week we travel back to Emanuel where I will teach in the Masters, undergraduate programmes; also some radio work and preaching in local churches. Shirley will visit Hospice patents, meet the team re., the planning of the Child Life ministry project.

My Book on 1&2 Timothy and Titus: Missional Texts from a Great Missionary Statesman will be available (dv) 26th October – we will come back to help promote it for a few weeks before returning to Romania mid-November to Christmas. Please write to us to order copies. It is a hard back Bible Commentary, 320 pages, costing £15 – all proceeds will be devoted to a Life and Learning Fund for Romanian pastors and Students. The book is also being translated into Romanian and Hungarian.

We plan another lorry to leave around 14th Nov. which will have on it the many things you have lovingly given for Child Life Romania, 30 desktops / laptops, a large pallet of literature from Every Home Crusade for local churches to use in evangelism and a full pallet of Christian books to be available in the Literature Room we are setting up in Emanuel. Also the lorry will have electric beds and maternity bassinets, medical equipment for local hospitals, plus two donated dentist chairs and dental equipment. It is amazing what God still continues to give us.

THANK YOU We value so much your continued interest and support of the work. Our resolve is to let God set the agenda and to look to him to provide the finance through his people for what he wills to happen in furthering the mission of God in such a needy land. What a privilege he has given us to play just a small part. We are committed to proclaim the good news in Romania, to lay a good Biblical foundation in the lives of students, local church members and to show God’s love in practical ways to those who are in desperate need and in abject poverty. Remember us.

Hamilton and Shirley Moore 

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