In John 11: 7 – 8 we read : Then He said to His disciples, ‘Let us go back to Judea.’ The disciples questioned . . . ‘Are You going there again?’! But it was God’s plan…

Back Again! How many times must we go back ? Elements of doubt and yes, fear, debates within our hearts and minds as to whether we must go back again even when and where we do not understand or see the way ahead! We must adapt knowing that nothing else will satisfy only true and honest commitment. I am reminded of another verse of scripture – John 2: 5: ‘Whatever He says to you – do it’! It is His plan…




This afternoon I received a letter from my dear friend Elizabeth, a precious sister of 91 whose love for God’s people and His work is evident in her writings. I quote: ‘I like the verse’, “be content with what you have, for He has said, I will never leave you or forsake you”. As I continued to read, other phrases touched me ‘I am strengthened and encouraged to continue onwards in His will and purpose’…’I think of the mountain people you wrote of in your Newsletter, how cold it is where they live, one could say exist’. Elizabeth reminds me of my dear Mum, a Proverbs 31 lady, whose noble character possesses a heart for high and low – how honoured in the Lord we can call these people ‘Friends’.

Estera Decean – is a young lady who made a lasting impression on my life. Her vocation, her calling is the Resident Neonatologist in Spitalul Municipal, Blaj. A short time ago I received an email from Estera urgently requesting equipment, baby formula and glass feeding bottles, blankets, clothing, consumables. Through the patience and sourcing of Paul Russell (Maternity Wing RVH) all items have been received and will be on the first container next week, together with the beautiful knitted garments so thoughtfully provided by the many ladies who displayed their love and patience through the many hours of knitting. Jackie McClean, (Newtownbreda B.C.), a friend who also is from the Nursing Profession sent this two days ago – I quote: ‘HI Shirley, I am very excited … I had been meaning to get up to our Special Care Baby Unit since you were telling me about the Premature Baby Unit in Romania. I had to go to see a patient and whilst there I noticed (Grace) a lovely Christian Nurse and (Anne), Sister on duty ( a very approachable lady). I told them about the plight of the Premature Baby Unit and asked if ever any obsolete equipment / baby clothes became available would they consider donating it! I came home (that night) with two large boxes – one full of blankets the other with hand knit clothes. Grace was telling me that a lady whose son was treated in the unit 40 years ago, still knits for them. There is also the possibility of an IV Trolley which may become available – do pray’. This is amazing as these 27 week old Premature Babies are so tiny (actually one of the cardigans fits into my hand), if this trolley can be sent it would be an invaluable asset. 

Lyle Simpson, telephoned this afternoon to ask if we could use cots, combi-wardrobes etc for small infants! 1 Corinthians 10: 31 – ‘Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God’. This brother has been such a blessing to the work of Tell Romania.

There is only so much two people can accomplish yet God in His wisdom sent David Morton, Project Manager and Freddy Smyth, Transport Manager who work tirelessly with such passion for our brothers and sisters in Romania. Lyle has now arranged for another contact to make the final ‘lift’ from Gransha and also Altnagelvin for further evidence of God’s provision in ‘Delivery Beds’ for the Maternity Hospital in Cluj, items from the Xray Dept. – and more Chairs for Racatau!

Susan Anderson, who has proved her genuine concern and friendship also made contact a few days ago, confirming the 40 Profiling Beds will be ready for collection week commencing Monday, 17th November 2014.

Looking back, ‘His’ love and mercy is clear – a few months ago three hospital(s) without ?? To-day things are different – all equipment to help refurbish all THREE hospitals on way, the chequered flag is down and we are OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tabita Sass – is a precious young sister whose calling is to love, care and teach a class of pupils in the Special Needs School, Salonta. Tabita wrote telling me of one of her friends and again I quote:

‘Susana, a 25 year old Christian girl from Beersheba, Israel, who after serving for 2 years in the Army, Israel, received a scholarship – Veterinary Studies in Romania. Last year, she studied the Romanian language having begun her first year of Veterinary School. She attends a healthy Church in Timisoara. Susana started to read her Bible ( in Romanian) and realised the need to verify words and ideas – she then decided to read her Bible in Hebrew, now she is carrying two Bibles every time – she would be very grateful to have a Bible in both languages’.

This has all happened because my husband offered Tabita copies of the New Testament in Hebrew last summer. God has used his word among her Jewish friends. Dr. Moore was so touched he made immediate contact with the Society for Distribution of the Hebrew Scriptures and copies of the Old Testament in Hebrew and in Romanian are already on route to Portstewart to take out with us at the beginning of December.

Marinela Murg, Director of Emanuel Hospice & Daria Sass, Psychologist, both these sisters are precious to me personally as ‘friends’. Prayerfully remember them and strengthen their hands – their devotion as they serve is evident in their quiet unassuming manner of love for the terminally ill. Our prayer is that they may know the Lord’s Richest Blessing on the future days ahead – they too have their own concern(s), trial(s), struggle(s) and yet they give so willingly (without question) leaving their tomorrows, knowing obedience brings unrestrained joy – declaring from their hearts: ‘Now Unto Him Who Is Able To Keep You From Falling’.

The Lord continues to ‘Show His Hand’ – in our ‘quiet time’ each morning we simply commit each day into His control as the provision, contacts, the family of God who turn up at the store with just what is needed before we have had time to ask! This is God’s plan! Let me share part of an email from my friend, Marinela when she learned of God’s provision in sending 12 syringe drivers. As you read you WILL be amazed and blessed!

What a blessing to receive 12 syringe drivers at the Hospice!!!! Thank you very much for this. Just today I visited a young patient age 32 with severe pain who beside patches with Fentanyl needed extra morphine am pules administrated through a syringe driver. 

Thank you for all the items you plan to send with the truck this month. I do not want to stress you with this request, but as usual when a patient asked us something we try to help as we can.

 We visited with him this Monday  a patient who is not a hospice patient – but is supported by our team as he has a special situation. He was a known Romanian football player and  3 years ago had an accident while playing football and had a fracture of his spinal cord. He is now paralysed from the neck down. He told us that he would need an electrical bed which can help to raise up his legs – not just the trunk. I do not know if it will be possible to bring him an electrical bed this time, but eventually to consider him next time.

Must continue! Oh my husband has just came into the study – ‘Shirley before you sign off you will want to read this!’ ( A text from Jackie McClean ) – Speechless! I quote: Shirley, I have got the IV Trolley! Plus a bag of ‘bits & pieces’ Spoke with Nursing Head of SCBU and she is more than willing to help’.

I began by outlining the work (calling) of some of ‘my friends’ – I trust as you have read , you have been blessed as you have traced the steps of this Supreme Climb – ‘Take Now’ not ‘Later’ – Do we say I can only go so far and no father ? One requirement – just ‘Keep Walking’.

Dr. Moore and I are indebted to the Army of Men and Women who have given of their time in the Ballyclare Store – the tea/coffee ( David Morton’s home baked scones) were a cut above my five a day especially designed for the well being of one member of staff in particular, who shall remain nameless and it is not ‘The Professor! All volunteering, working tirelessly yet bonding as FRIENDS!

Dr. Moore and I wish to acknowledge the heartbeat of mission displayed by Mr. & Mrs. Sam McKinistry and Family who have shown the highest level of kindness in such a practical manner in offering the use of their store in Ballyclare to the work of Tell Romania since July. It certainly has been a ‘hive of activity’. Thank You Brothers and Sisters!

This is only the beginning, the Lord is not finished – stay on board, think ahead of how together we can reach out and touch lives in 2015 – already the launch of DRIVE 2015 is in hand.

God’s Word changes lives, these are exciting and amazing days – we thank the Lord for everyone who has become part of the family of Tell Romania – isn’t it rewarding to see God working through your commitment and support – how life changing for this young man to have this ‘specialist chair’ and electric bed. To God Be The Glory!

If you can help in any way (have a few hours to spare) contact us – it is great to be workers together – there is a special bond of Friendship – Fellowship with Jesus and others!


Shirley- 06 November, 2014

A DATE FOR YOUR DIARY: Recognition and Thanks to three of our friends who are launching D R I V E – 2015

( sponsoring a Container of Life and Dignity for Orphans & Terminally Ill Babies & Children, Romania .


to be held at

THE ROYAL COURT HOTEL, (Atlantic Suite) Kindly Granted




ADMISSION BY TICKET ONLY £10.00 – ( Light Refreshments)

Plan to attend – Jonathan, Alan & Sylvia have so graciously and willingly planned this evening for the support and outreach of Tell Romania.

Tickets Available – Come and be part of this wonderful evening with ‘Friends’