Beginning again


Denisa, Shirley and Lillianna

Waiting in the library today, I was thinking about gifted women, their abilities … I heard a gentle whisper ‘Hello, it is me’. Denisa stood before me, her dark eyes gleaming and overflowing with joy. Lillianna (Denisa’s Mum) accompanied her on this visit. We (three) hugged tightly and Lillianna whispered in my ear ‘I am so happy to see you again, thank you for your prayers’.

As we chatted, there was a freshness of conversation: Denisa passed all her medical examinations in the State University and is now volunteering in a local hospital every Saturday and Sunday (1 year contract). ‘I want to help other children, I know what a painful and lonely journey it is’. At Christmas Denisa devoted time and gifts to the children on the oncology ward. Lillianna and her treasured daughter are close, there is a ‘togetherness’ – they have been emptied of self and are now filled with love and gratitude.

It will be two years in July since this journey began and the need for a deep evaluation of her condition will take place during this month. Meantime, one week every month is spent in Italy for tests, medication; the required medication can only be sourced in Italy. It is difficult to bring such large quantities into Romania (last month they had to pay two hundred euros Customs & Excise Duty).

‘But I am still here Sister Shirley, and I thank everyone who prays for me’. ‘Yes, many of my friends at home pray for you every day, the Lord has spared your life as your work is still unfinished’, I replied.

Denisa stands at the crossroads of life, she has such vision, natural talent, commitment. Please continue to remember this young woman of courage.

Shirley 22nd March