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Flakes of snow covered my hair, snow in Oradea at this time of year? Yes, suddenly the fog, frost and chilly winds had changed to a beautiful winter scene.   As I write this short ‘blog’ the coldness and darkness of the night is but a distant memory for the memory in my heart is ‘Dora’. My afternoon with her was indeed ‘Christmas in my heart’.

I smiled as I entered the small kitchen where Dora sits at her table for Christmas had already happened in her little heart. She waited eagerly for her special ‘gifts’ from her friends in Northern Ireland. As I kneeled beside her, stroking her hair, I was hugged and told over and over again ‘I love you, you are my friend’. Dora is like a rose tree blooming in innocence. Monika and I placed the large Santa Bag on her ‘very tidy’ table area and as she began to look inside; the joy, delight and happiness given to this precious jewel was priceless. She kissed her Biblia then her watch, thought for a moment then asked her father ‘Dada can I wear this watch in the shower and in bed? Dada advised wisely. Then came the puzzle, crayons and books ‘now I have my very own puzzle and books, I am a happy girl and I want to thank the Lord for giving Dora these gifts’. As we prayed together I thought no sunbeam, bird or flower could give me greater pleasure just now; I am richer in knowing Dora.

Dora has many health problems combined with her disability; John struggles to pay for medication for her heart, kidney, liver and diabetes conditions; he has dedicated his life to his daughter. One can’t help but notice the sense of peace in this humble home; it is indeed a place of quiet rest near to the heart of God.

I could see Dora was becoming tired, and went to fetch my coat.   Dora said ‘Shirley do you really have to leave now?’ I knew it was, even though it broke my heart. Dora has become very special to me; if I can fill her life just a little with love then I am the one who is blessed.   ‘Please come for my birthday, I will have a cake for you if you come’. How can I refuse? Flights are already booked to ensure we will all sing ‘Happy Birthday’ together. Dora will be 30.

Tomorrow another special little girl will be blessed, my ‘Little Ella’. Estera and I leave early to travel to Beius, we will buy a cooker and sink unit. This family will know Christmas in their hearts through the love and support shown by a couple back in Northern Ireland.

Please pray for our ongoing ministry. ‘In as much as you have done it unto one of the least of these you have ………..’

Shirley 14 December 2016.

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