Colossians 4: 17 (NLT) ‘Be sure to carry out the ministry the Lord gave you’

Lord, where would You have me serve You?  Can it be ?  I would like to to be? I am happy in ?  

I grow in admiration for my friends who ‘serve’ with devotion, care, love and consistency within the Hospice Home Care Ministry.  My role – very small, very insignificant, yet I care but more importantly, I love.  Emotional for me with my type of personality as my own individual gifting is very different – yet I am at home and love the ‘precious lives’ sent my way.  They have now become so much a part of my life.

denisa_italyDenisa displays such courage and determination and has taken this long and lonely journey with trust and confidence, resting in the knowledge that ‘He knoweth the way the she will take’.  A few days ago I received word that at the beginning of November she will have an lymphocytes infusion, this will be administered on a monthly basis for the next three months.  This will reduce the risk of further infection(s) as her tumor was very agressive.

Just now, Denisa is feeling good and hopes if no further setbacks,  to be discharged from the hospital in Italy.  Her journey too has been long and lonely as she has been away from home since June.

Thank you for your encouragement – it is extremely important to know He directs every step of faith!