How can I express my inner feeling?  My mind, the very core of my heart is filled with emotion.  Today I am experiencing deep pain,  yet one filled with peace knowing that in my sadness God is sovereign and He is in control.  I identify with the psalmist when he writes: ‘As the deer pants for the water brooks, so pants my soul for You, O God’.  
My pain is intertwined with joy; pain upon hearing my beloved Denisa has lost her battle with Leukaemia,  yet joy in knowing and loving her during the past six years.  Many of you have come to know Denisa through my blogs.  Words would be inadequate to express her fight for life; a young medical student with the hope of one day becoming a doctor to specialise in this field.  I was captivated by her sweet nature and personality as she threw out a net of love to all who knew her.  I have many memories of days we spent together, but one memory as she ran to meet me after finishing university for the day is engraved in my heart.  She was never downcast, always positive, flying to USA during the summer to seek further medical advice. She never gave up, rather kept on giving.
Her mother Lilianna was her constant companion. The depth of loss today is unimaginable; Denisa was her only child.  Denisa will be remembered by me personally for the great things she achieved in the memories of a heart that gave with great love if only for a short season. How soon Denisa’s season has passed.   
Lilianna, it is by faith we understand the reason why. I pray the Lord will be gracious to you and that as you wait in the quietness of your aching heart, He will minister unto you with His unfailing love. 
Shirley, 08 September, 2018

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