Healing In His Wings


The concluding four words of Malachi 4: 2 is a personal challenge to my heart. ‘Healing In His Wings’. Healing can be administered in so many different ways, a ‘touch’ can heal a hurting heart or a tired mind.

A long and eventful journey from Portstewart to Belfast, Belfast to Dublin, Dublin to Cluj, then finally Cluj to Oradea, driving through a Snow Blizzard. Andrei (fourth year Theology Student) approached all obstacles with great care and precision. As we made our way to room 205, footsteps could be heard descending, there in the darkness, Monika appeared. ‘Sister Shirley, I did not know if you have arrived, I did not ring your bell but I wanted to welcome you back Home and I know you love Romanian apples…’ We embraced, I had missed my friend, her words and act of kindness ‘touched’ my heart. So often when you reach the point of feeling useless, that’s when God begins to work. Our desire and longings are known to Him and He can entrust the most important work asking only one thing in return – ‘to give our best’. God has a plan for each of our lives, for some the race is short, others are given longer until they ‘touch’ the Finish Line. Moses was eighty when he was called, Caleb was eighty-five. My friend Jaci (Glenarm) wrote me an email this morning sharing a beautiful theme from her Church last week-end. ‘Come, Love, Follow’. May we all be willing to Go, to Love and to Follow that we may be useful and fruitful in His vineyard.

Two beautiful metaphors: ‘Shelter’, ‘Solace’. Remember the work of Tell Romania these next four weeks that as we ‘GO’ in His name on His mission, in His time, hearts and minds will be opened. Pray that we will be given the opportunity to share a ‘Word in Season’ that perfect healing comes from Calvary, that His love can remove the mountains that overwhelm, that they may know indeed ‘The Son of God has risen, with ‘Healing In His Wings’.

Uncertainty is facing Sister Florika this incoming week; yet with the insecurity of losing her home, finding suitable, affordable accommodation and quickly, she still greets you with her amazing smile of welcome. Her smile hides a broken and hurting heart and yet she continues to lovingly care for her Grandson Cristi while his mother (Christina) works in Austria, separated from her little boy and still missing her beloved John. Cristi (4) has developed a swelling which is causing concern. Florika (his Grandmother) confirmed he will require four injections (150 Lei each = One hundred pounds in total) when at the end they will know if this is a tumor. Another mountain and so soon. Please pray the Lord will meet the needs of this humble and needy family. I will visit again this week assured in my heart that it isn’t the amount of trust I have, it is the object of my trust that matters. May they ‘hide beneath the shadow of your wings until the storm is past’.

My days have been filled with important meetings – Monika (Casa Grace) Dora (Orphans, Disabled Children, Abandoned Babies) personal time with ‘My Girls” (one to one). The words of Elisabeth Elliott; ‘I do know that waiting on God requires the willingness to bear uncertainty, to carry within oneself the unanswered question, lifting the heart to God about it whenever it intrudes upon one’s thoughts. It’s easy to talk oneself into a decision that has no permanence – easier sometimes than to wait patiently’. We can aspire so high, yet fall so low, so much is running through my mind, ‘When I cannot read, when I cannot think, when I cannot even pray, I can trust’ (James Hudson Taylor). Wednesday morning I have the opportunity to meet two Directors from the Orphanage Building in Oradea. Will you help me move forward by remembering this meeting? So that through sharing my heart, showing love in action as they receive the contents of the two pallets arriving this week filled with the Lord’s provision from His people, they will be drawn to the God I serve. This life is so brief for many of the little treasures in the Abandoned Wing. Adam has had to be readmitted to hospital, little Alice (six months) one of the babies I visited on my last mission trip is in permanent care within the Abandoned Baby Centre. Alice suffers from the same heart malfunctions as Adam; no one loves her enough to keep her. Together, we can make a difference, together we can love and impact the emptiness of ‘These My Little Ones’. Later, I will tell you of my plans – I can only go forward supported by your prayers.

Thursday past, Dr. Moore held the third International Conference in Emanuel University, two International Scholars participated also five faculty members – a fourth conference is already planned.

During the next four consecutive weeks I will be visiting many homes: Adult and Infant Terminally Ill, the Orphanage, the families of the desperately poor within Casa Grace, not forgetting Dora who is patiently waiting for Oana and I to take her for a long awaited Ice Cream. We will!

A weekly update will be sent outlining the need for prayer as we come face to face with the reality of the pain and suffering. Eternity is real; many are trying to find an answer, fulfillment, anywhere, everywhere, yet going nowhere! A personal encounter at the Cross will meet their every need, offering peace and tranquility of love for every circumstance and situation ahead.

Please Remember:

ISHMAEL: Surgery had to be postponed in Oradea, the Surgeon is currently in contact with a Specialist in Cluj where it is hoped surgery will be able to proceed.

KEVIN:   An Oncologist is submitting a report to a Surgeon in Italy outlining the areas of concern.   We anticipate many surgeries to reverse the angle of Kevin’s feet. His dream is to be able to walk, play, just like normal boys of his age. As I left his home a few weeks ago, I remember him shouting from his mother’s arms:  ‘Please lady, will you come and play with me again?’ What do you think? Kevin blew a kiss as I drove away.

ELLA: Continues to be monitored by Emanuel Hospice as her condition is ongoing. Her brother’s condition is worsening and her Father is in the final stages of Senile Dementia. Pray for Angelina (Mother).

DENISA: Is in Italy just now and will return this week. Remember her in depth scan during July.

DORENA, FLORIKA, ELENA, MAGDELINA & BOBBY: Whisper their name in prayer.

If love is the root of my heart, may my roots spread in zeal for the lost, for the souls of mankind. If love is all I have to offer then ‘Lord, Let Me Love Unconditionally’.

Shirley, 30 April, 2017

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