Hidden Appointments

 Isaiah 28: 28 ‘Grain must be ground to make bread’ 

  1. R. Miller writes: ‘Many of us cannot be used as food for the world’s hunger, because we have yet to be broken in Christ’s hands. “Grain must be ground to make bread”, and being a blessing of His often required sorrow on our part.  Yet even sorrow is not too high a price to pay for the privilege of touching other lives with Christ’s blessings.  The things that are most precious to us today have come to us through tears and pain’.

As I sat quietly musing on these words I wondered how much I knew or had experienced grinding or  brokenness or the changing scenes of life, atmospheres that drive so many lives into the depths of despair?  Every walk of life differs one from the other. I was alone with my thoughts and seemed to remain quiet for a long time – I am sensitive to the change in my own life yet driven with a peace I have never experienced before.  There is an awareness I need to be emptied of self and filled with a burning desire to serve, knowing that whatever the Lord may require, I am safe, secure; that in the stillness He is moulding me into a vessel of His choice. ‘He leadeth me beside the waters of quietness’. Psalm 23: 2. I brought to mind the spiritual giants who knew the secret of contentment in all circumstances. I may not have been stoned, beaten, bruised, forsaken … but I knew the pain of loss and the deafening silence of being ‘alone’.
Many sit behind a closed door and it is winter in their lives in and out of season – there is a constant desert place rooted deep within.   A desert of grief, troubled mind, sickness … Many bury the thorns of life in their broken heart. They have no sunshine in their garden of life. Love can be given quietly, discretely and so I want to ‘tip toe’ into the lives of those whose rose petals fall to the ground and are crushed.
‘Lord, I will’;  ‘Lord I would, but…’. The Shepherd must go before me and I need to stop pushing ahead.   Slow steps in quietness for He has promised that He wilt keep in ‘perfect peace whose mind…’  Have I displayed an act of devotion, compassion for others as found in the heart of my faithful Shepherd? Oswald Chambers penned: ‘ I have not done what I could until I have done the same’. 
‘Still Waters’ is a new development within Tell Romania.  A place where primarily souls from Romania can be soothed as they feel and know our love as the dew found on a morning rose. A new Pemberton Rivington Caravan (Portstewart) is being fully equipped to be a quiet place of renewal and recovery.  Our Lord is always thinking of our needs. My prayer is that everyone we touch here at home or travelling from Romania will know that all they need can be found ‘In Him’. Their cares should be mine; their sorrows should be mine.  Support us in prayer in this new outreach. Will you walk this new path with me and know the true meaning of the words found in Matthew 17: 27 ‘For Me and Thee’. Turn the key of prayer with me to this new door of service. 
The disappointments of life are simply the hidden appointments of love’.  C.A. Fox  
The Lord Jesus commanded us to serve one another.  As I think of His humility, I think of those I love in the land of my adoption whose faces came before me as I read Daria’s words. ‘Sister Shirley, everyone who knows you asks me about you; Nelu’s family is saying Hello …’    David is continuing his treatment and his tumour seems smaller, the C T Scan is scheduled for October.  Oh how I miss my friends.  Only 13% is covered by the Health Insurance House in Romania for the work of Emanuel Hospice yet this vision has remained a reality for twenty two years.
Many of you have been praying for little Kevin (9) both legs/feet twisted, with doctors offering no hope of Kevin becoming a ‘normal boy’. After nine years a new doctor in another town is hoping to improve his condition.  Kevin will wear a cast on each leg for the next three months. Many surgeries will follow.  Remember my little friend who shouted as I left ‘Lady will you come back and see me?’  I hope I will!
Simona (37) advanced throat cancer with a beautiful little girl (Dora (3).  Pray with us as a  team that the Lord will open Simona’s heart to His wonderful gift of salvation. Pray for little Dora who is very fearful, Thankfully two volunteers spend time with her but there is a greater need in this family.
Summer Camp for Casa Grace and Emanuel Hospice is approaching – pray as the terminally ill, orphans, disabled and abandoned children receive love and care that they will feel safe and special.
Whisper Denisa and Adam in your prayers just now. – There is strength to be found in waiting.
Shirley 5 July 2018

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