January, the first month of another New Year filled with hope, plans, goals to achieve.  Our plans can change and may crumble before our eyes,  our strength may fail and suddenly without warning, yet we are assured His plans never fail, His time frame is always perfect.  Small and insignificant though we are, we are known to Him and we have a place in His plan.

Thursday past I began to question ‘ Why has my strength failed; why this weakness; why; why…..’?  This is not the Shirley I know but it is the Shirley I must learn to know!  How can I know if I have not felt the pain within?     Pain and suffering were the operative words contained in the emails I had received that particular day from Emanuel Hospice and Casa Grace.  Yes, those I love were in the ‘Midst of Shadows’ and I am not there to love them!  I had to focus and focus quickly that the Lord hears the very cry of my heart and is working everything, yes everything for my good.  I need to remember He is actively involved in my life and If I walk alone, I will lose my way, but with Him beside me, I can and will press on. I need to learn to ‘know Him’ in a deeper relationship by accepting patience just now and to continue to walk, (not run) in obedience as to where and why I am placed just now. Personally, I have ‘tasted’ God’s faithfulness and proved that my past, present and future are held in the hollow of His hand.

Why have I chosen to write again and so soon.  Those I love are sick and I need you to stand with me, to remember your brothers and sisters and little ones in my beloved Romania. First I must complete the cardiac programme before permission to fly is granted.  The work is continuing, in fact expanding.  Dr. Moore returns to Romania next week.  There is work to do, needs to be met, broken hearts to be mended.   Pray for my husband that he will be a blessing,  He will also visit Cighid on my behalf, meeting Dana with a view to one pallet scheduled around mid April – pray that TOGETHER we will be where our heart longs to be serving as one In Him.

The words ‘ Always’; ‘Continually’ fill my heart.  Psalm 71 assures me the Lord is my ‘Hope’, my ‘Rock of Refuge’.  Many dearly beloved need to embrace ‘Hope’, to know that He is their ‘Rock of Refuge’.   Pray for:

The teams of Emanuel Hospice and Casa Grace, that as they serve daily they will know an empowering of the Holy Spirit in their day to day ministering to the lost and dying; the orphan, disabled and abandoned children.

The Mother and Father of Baby Florin need our love during these days without their little darling.  Their two youngest children have serious issues which has brought further heartache. This family needs to know and feel our prayers and support.

Continue to remember the little ones who have lost a Mother or Father, whisper Cristian, Karla, Ella before the Lord.

The family of Brother Joseph ‘Called Home’ last week.  His quiet disposition and gentle manner taught me so much.

Sister Magdalena (80) going through a time of turmoil and trial, please hold her close.

Sister Alina (35) whose young husband was ‘Called Home’ just before Christmas.  Little Timothy (2) is ‘looking for Daddy’ as he does not like to see his Mummy sad.  She is expecting their second baby at the beginning of February.

Sister Elena,  due to return to work received news her terminal illness has relapsed  There is much need in this family as she has a very ill teenage daughter.

Sister Emese, a precious sister in the Lord was Called Home on Thursday (early forties).  She leaves two beautiful daughters: Jahel (14) who has developed learning difficulties during her Mother’s illness and little Jente (9) who was always hugging her Mummy each time we visited.  Emese was a Sunday School Teacher in the Baptist Church and loved the Lord with all her heart.  There is great need in this family as they do not have a home of their own and will only receive a single parent allowance of £100 per month.

Sister Anna, a Roma lady, widowed last year (four children).  Anna is ill/requiring immediate surgery.  Owing to her illness she is unable to work and receives no personal allowance.  A State Allowance is paid for the two younger children.

The loved ones of the nine patients who lost their battle with terminal illness during the first ten day of January.

Denisa who continues to need our prayers.  ( I have no current news from Italy).

Dora, soon to celebrate her 31st birthday.   Her father John has dedicated his life to tend and care for this precious flower in God’s garden. Other precious flowers who create a garden of beauty : Diana, David,  Alex, Ishmael, Kevin, Dada, Cristi  ….

Many leaves have fallen this Winter, may our love always be extended in kindness and tenderness of heart. Seeking a field of new and fresh leaves for His  Harvest  Fields.

Lord, make us a Fountain of Blessing that from our hearts may flow waters of blessing.

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