Last evening I wrote:

Julianna (37) who has a baby of six months (Adam). Her cancer has progressed aggressively during the past four months affecting her gallbladder/liver with recent development of total metastases. She is now in the terminal stages. Who will care? Who will go?

In contact with Dr. Beni Paul early this morning I learned Juliana lost her battle with cancer. Her funeral is on Friday. Please hold the family of Julianna close in heart. Baby Adam (6 months) has no Mummy to cradle him in her arms; remember this little one. Today their burden is overwhelming; may they hear that soft and gentle whisper ‘I will never leave you or forsake you’. What an assurance for the future days of Baby Adam. We leave Julianna in the arms of a merciful God.

The work of the Emanuel Hospice is intensive – seventy-two patients have gone into Eternity since January. These dedicated brothers and sisters of the Hospice staff need our prayers too as they seek to minister to the physical, emotional and above all spiritual needs of the ill and dying.

Thank you for praying.


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