July/August bulletin

Givewithyourheart-JulyAugustIn my walk of personal communion,  I have been thanking the Lord for the hearts who are reaching out in love to the distant land of Romania.  A land with parched and barren fields, hungry souls, lives weakened by pain, hearts broken by loss.  During the first twenty days in June, thirteen deaths occurred in Emanuel Hospice.  Two very young mothers, Timea leaving a seven year old son; Anca leaving a seven year old daughter.  Children are receiving regular bereavement interventions from Daria.  Lajos is struggling with life without Bobbie who said to him just before leaving this scene of time ‘My Life Hurts’.  These are only a few;  the list increases day by day.

Also remember the work of Casa Grace ministering to the Orphan, Disabled Children, Abandoned Babies,  the desperately poor; those without hope and food. Our two projects: Adam’s Room will provide a nest of safety through the art of play.  A Vocational Training Room for those who live in the shadow of silence, where hope never finds true fulfilment.  Work is at present underway.

Thank you for shining a light of hope and restoration,  enabling Tell Romania to offer provision and dignity in final days and situations of hopelessness. In searching my heart,  I need to ‘Go Beyond’ to ensure the children left without Father or Mother will feel loved and that together we will try to heal their broken hearts, relieve their pain Let us pour water on this thirsty land by sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Give With Your Heart Appeal, We are asking the Lord for His provision – Four Thousand Pounds is required for our next mission trip to complete the feeding programme from September – December, 2017.   We leave for Romania on 08 October and plan to stay until after Christmas.

Shirley, 2018?  I must  ‘Follow My Heart’ – I cannot walk away from the pain I encounter day by day.  But, I need others to walk with me.  Will you join me?

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