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I was watching the children play just now, their laughter filled my heart and suddenly lyrics from a childhood hymn filled my heart;  ‘Gentle Jesus, meek and mild. Look upon a little child’.   I knew the Gentle Shepherd was watching over my little one in USA.

TUESDAY,  Adam’s heart was causing concern as his heartbeat could not be controlled.  The prayerful support of the Family of God has been overwhelming and I personally thank you for remembering this little lamb.  News from the Pastor in USA this afternoon is that the surgeons  removed fluid from his lungs but during the procedure his heart started to bleed and they found it difficult to control.  There is no prognosis long term as yet.  At present they are slowly removing Adam from the machines.
‘Loving Jesus, Gentle Lamb
In Thy gracious hands I am.
 This afternoon I leave Adam in the hands of the Gentle Shepherd who will carry him.

Shirley.  February, 22, 2019

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