Returning to Romania

(David McFarland writing this introduction)
This is not the normal blog from Shirley who as you know had surgery and still is severely limited in what she can do.  I have spoken with Hamilton and Shirley tonight, and learned some of the challenges they are facing right now.  I have suggested to them that this email update to their friends be added to the blog and Facebook page so than many more will pray for them in these challenging days.

Hamilton writes:

Returning to Romania Wednesday 4th May. 

In order to assist Emanuel with their continuing recognition, I have been helping the Faculty Staff with essays for publication in English and also in organising an INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE on The Epistle to the Hebrews. Dr Peter Firth is accompanying me and we both – along with the Rector Dr Paul Negrut – will give a lecture at the conference on Friday 6th May. Other staff will also participate throughout the day.   

On Thursday morning I will be introducing Peter to my students and he will again be involved in the afternoon Reseach Forum. 

Pray for us as we travel and minister. (Pray also for Hamilton’s health during this busy week -David)

The update on Shirley is that when she suffered a fall after the surgery 5 weeks ago it was confirmed this morning that her wrist is broken. Hence I will be back home and available next week. I would ask you to refrain from e mailing during my absence as both hands are out of action. 

I hope to update you soon on the Tell Romania work team 25th May – 8th June working mainly in Cluj, Oradea and Odoreu. Also in the way the Church in Odoreu is now reaching out to other Roma groups. Amazing!

I end with Shirley’s words to me this evening: ‘He directs; we keep on walking’.


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