Tell me

He healed them all – the blind, the lame, the palsied
The sick in body and the weak in mind;
Whoever came, no matter how afflicted,
Was sure a sovereign remedy to find.

 His word gave health, His touch restored the vigour
o every weary, pain-exhausted frame;
And all He asked, before He gave the blessing,
Was simple faith in Him, from those who came.

‘GIVE WITH YOUR HEART’ is a feeding programme ministry of Tell Romania. We seek to provide food for the bodies and souls of sixty families in Romania who face terminal illness or extreme poverty. £20 will help feed one family for one month.

 What is my purpose, my goal, as I launch this appeal throughout 2017? My heart is in Romania with those I have learned to love and cherish. I can try to mend their brokenness, relieve their pain, offer food. The Lord Jesus gave much more displaying His love, kindness, tenderness, patience through His compassion and grace toward those who came. He always took time, so why not I? The Lord Jesus is the bread of life and through this appeal, Tell Romania will give, withholding nothing, and in doing so also give the living Word.

 I ask you to remember me as I visit the terminally ill of Emanuel Hospice and the desperately poor families within Casa Grace Foundation. I read in Song of Solomon 1: 7 – ‘Tell me …. where you feed your flock?’ I prayed, ‘Lord tell me, that I may go’. I find all I need through constant communion with Him, reading His word, sharing my heart in private devotion before Him. He will direct; then I will walk in His path with a whole heart.

No one but Jesus can supply our need. I thirst! His presence is my refreshment. And so, where do I feed? In His presence, in the shadow of that rock, where I will be strengthened, safe beside the still waters of His presence. This is my purpose, my goal – to serve with equal expectation, content to rest by His side – He is never too tired to listen, we are never refused entrance into His presence.

The desire of Tell Romania is to share the glory of His presence, where instead of fear of the unknown, His presence will fill their emptiness, bringing comfort, assurance and a hope only to be found in gospel.


Below is the monthly flyer for February for distribution to churches and individuals. We encourage you to share. Thank you.


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