adamgraphic (UPDATE ON ADAM)
 Tears of memory filled my heart; the emotion was overwhelming as I heard my special little boy say (by video) ‘let me see, let me see’.  Yes, it was my Adam looking into the lens of the mobile phone trying to see Dora and me.
It was as if he was standing before me – I felt like reaching out to touch his woolly hat. Yes,  my heart is still drawn to him and he will always be remembered for the joy he brought into my life.   I have been blessed with measureless grace that the Lord brought me down this pathway.
Adam is now in the U.S.A. The missionary couple who have adopted Adam are now facing legal issues regarding Health Insurance.  In order for Adam to have a heart transplant he is required to have a two year citizenship.  The pastor and his wife are seeking advice regarding the system.
February is the shortest month of the year.  Life too is short.  I have no eloquence of speech.   I simply ask you to pray that the stings of conscience will reverse the decision and that the surgery will take place.
The Lord used one word frequently ‘COME’.  Let us ‘COME’ today asking, knowing that He hears the cry of our heart.
Thank you for walking with me