‘Everything that touches the water of this river will live. Fish will abound in the Dead Sea, for its waters will be healed’ Eze: 47: 9.

The promises of God do not offer immunity from earth’s trials. Faith sees the present as sustained by God and sees the future as secure in His sovereign plan and purpose. My friend Marinela and I were reflecting on these things; it was good to renew our close friendship and share our hearts openly before the Lord and before one another. Personal relationships are important but it is an important priority to possess ‘A Heart After God’, a heart seeing the difficulties of today become strengths for tomorrow.

The Hospice Team serve in a wilderness of Terminal Illness yet continue to be a flowing stream of refreshing water. Jesus spoke of a ‘river of living water’ flowing from our heart when He is the source of this water. Emanuel Hospice care for ninety patients each month (a long waiting list) alleviating physical, psychosocial and spiritual suffering. The true heart of those who serve in this team ‘Go Beyond’ the call of duty, improving the quality of life, sharing the love of God, helping them find answers to their many questions as they face difficult situations, burdens, poverty. There are bitter circumstances of life, not easy to bear. Their resources are meagre; what are their prospects for tomorrow? As I visit families, reading the many differing ‘faces’ I see courage of the rarest kind, giving from the ashes of poverty. They are self-respecting people in dire need; yet do they mention their inequality of life? Give With Your Heart Appeal, 2017 has ensured thirty families (carefully evaluated) receive from ‘His Bounty’ offering food and dignity. For many this earthly journey is short. It is a personal choice to ‘Love’, to ‘Follow Our Heart’ and as I think about the remainder of this year and into the next my choice is to love, assured that ‘He knoweth the way I take’. During a recent visit one little boy (being asked if he would like to attend ‘Summer Camp’) turned to me and said: ‘I have been chosen’. Isa 11: 6. ‘A little child shall lead…’ Together we can be a mighty ‘Healing Stream’.

God places some to lead, others to serve, both are roles of ‘Servanthood’, placing the needs of others before our own. My friend Barbara shared this ‘Handful on Purpose’: taken from the writings of R.T. Kendall, ‘The Excellent Way’. He quotes:   Psalm.16 verse 8. ‘I have set the Lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken’. He comments of David: ‘I have set the Lord always before me means he put himself in the frame of mind to remind himself that the Lord was already there. If you can do this in the toughest moments, in the loneliest moments, then you know He is there. Remind yourself He is there.’ The Lord does not just turn up at the last moment.

The Apostle Paul names eight Gatekeepers, my companions throughout the remainder of this Mission Trip: He instructs us to Fix our Thoughts on what is: TRUE, HONOURABLE, RIGHT, LOVELY, ADMIRABLE, EXCELLENT, WORTHY, and PEACE. Let’s begin another journey together, putting on the Shield of Love, being transformed in our thinking, making love our objective, devoted with a heartfelt enthusiasm to impact the Valley of Trouble, pointing them to a Gateway of Hope.

My previous ‘writings’ outlined the level of Pain, Suffering, Homelessness, Loneliness, situations at times, causing my heart to break. One young widow asked: ‘Why has my Mother, Grandmother, Husband been taken from me? Now my Little One is sick and I am many miles from home’. My tears are not what is required, but to quietly serve, applying my best ointment to these open wounds of loss and pain. Hope starts with how we serve Christ in serving others.

DORENA is scheduled for surgery on Monday, 29th May, 2017, her oldest son Dani, will return home to be with his mother. Their days are dark and filled with fear, they wait for the results of the scan regarding their youngest son, David who has a tumor located in his upper arm.

BOBBY’S situation has deteriorated; she is very weak, loss of appetite, pain medication increased. Bobby is still unable to accept her prognosis; her husband watches helplessly and is heartbroken.

ELENA, returns to the Oncological Institute, Cluj on Sunday evening for further Chemotherapy, her daughter is ill and in another hospital.

SISTER FLORIKA peacefully left this scene of time, she was in her early forties.

ISHMAEL’S (6) pain level is better, he is waiting for a medical assessment in Cluj pending surgery.

KEVIN (6) will go to Timisoara this incoming week for the first of many surgeries.

CRISTI (4) His Grandmother has been unable to find an affordable apartment as yet; please pray the Lord will send His choice in His time for this very needy family. We give thanks to the Lord Cristi does not have a tumor but they will continue to monitor his condition very closely.

JOHN (17) I first met John, two years ago and have visited his Mother and Grandfather. He called to see me last Saturday to share he has developed a tumor in his spine and will require immediate surgery.

DENISA’S endoscopy results showed Gastritis, awaiting confirmation of biopsy re helicobacter pylori.

I have only touched the perimeter, lives searching for answers, hoping that somewhere between provision and impossibility, God Will Make A Way. There are ‘URGENT’ cries from broken and hurting hearts. This morning as my husband and I shared together in our personal devotional time, we concluded we must be wholehearted in our love and commitment to others, totally undivided in our thinking with no distractions. We can trust God with our petitions, our hopes. Yet for many, hope is gone!

Apostolos Publishing Ltd, London, have invited my husband to republish the book on the Pastoral Epistles (paperback edition). Galatians (Glory In The Cross) should also be ready by the summer. Work has commenced on a new addition for your library, simply entitled HOPE. Dr. Moore has felt for some time the need, the requirement to offer Hope in the changing seasons of life – this will launch in the Autumn. 

Distressing circumstances continue and for some life is hard. A drink of clean, cool, refreshing water is an accepted standard, yet on my village visits, rain water ‘dropping’ into a large container, bucket, can, is normal.  These conditions are difficult to endure, yet they carry on with an acceptance of their lot in life.  They never question the ‘Why’ of their difficulty.  Some time ago the State installed piping into various villages (without connections). To have ‘running water’ in your home can cost up to two hundred and fifty pounds per family – an unaffordable luxury for these humble people. Such a blessing this week as the Water Protection Team from UK made their way to homes installing water pipes, sink unit and in some homes, a washing machine … They have seen and met the need.

Three weeks into our Mission Trip, my time seems to be measured by appointments, events, one succeeding another. The present quickly becoming the past. Time? Yes, the clock is ticking. Two pallets will arrive this incoming week, once unpacked Monika and I will make our way to the Orphanage where Rocking Chairs, Bean Bags, Medical Items, Sleeping Bags…. will be donated from the supporters of Tell Romania. Little Adam remains in hospital; it is important we proceed with the project of ‘ADAM’S ROOM’, a place where he and his friends can create memory days. And yes, Dora, is patiently waiting on the doorbell ringing – it will ring soon. Our time in Romania ends with Graduation Services (Saturday and Sunday 27th-28th) when ninety three young people will graduate. A special weekend as we reflect on the past four years; those we have come to know and watch mature into fine young men and women for His glory. September? A different ‘Army’ in the making! What a challenge! ‘I wonder what the next four years will unfold’? ‘O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you, my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water’. Ps. 63: 1 (ESV)

‘He is the Water of Life’, Shirley, 13 May, 2017.


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