To God be the glory

Breakfast Time is never dull in Emanuel University, students hurriedly making their way to class for 8 a m – but this particular morning, a certain Professor was sipping a hot cup of coffee, glancing through the window,  as I was preparing to leave,  when suddenly he rushed into our tiny kitchen area ‘Shirley, it’s finally arrived’.  ‘To God Be The Glory’.  Plans change quickly in Romania.   ‘The Moore’s made their way ‘quickly’ down the many steps and by the time we reached our destination the 45ft curtain sider truck was already parking.  The excitement filled the air – my husband searching for available students to assist offloading while I contacted Casa Grace, Emanuel Hospice, Orphanage and Ichoebed.  Soon the work commenced – it was interesting !

The staff of all  departments arrived  and removed their designated items with Casa Grace transporting the items to the Centre for the new Therapy Room.  The following morning Monika, Mahai and I met Dora at the Centre..  Within two hours all boxes were unpacked, toys assembled and placed.  ‘Sister Shirley, please thank everyone for loving these children by sending so much, they have never seen anything like this . …..’ Elena (Director of the Centre) and Lavina (Director of the Abandoned Baby Wing) were overwhelmed by the choice of educational toys, volume, attention to detail in supplying the beautiful patchwork quilts, sleeping bags, medical creams …….   I only wish I could have seen the ‘little eyes’ filled with wonder as they entered the following morning, it would resemble a typical Christmas Morning but then methinks Christmas Morning in the Centre is not what we know at home?   And so I say to you all:  ‘Thank You’ from my heart and ‘Multumesc’ from all your friends at the Centre.

You will never know the difference you have made in so many unwanted, unloved little gems.

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