'What Time I Am Afraid, I will Trust In Thee'

Yesterday, my husband had occasion to visit Union College. It takes time to browse through the many books on display in this vast library. I chatted to the receptionist, browsed through some books of interest, then moved to a ‘quiet corner’ with one of my ‘chosen treasures’. As I read the title ‘Women Who Have Worked And Won’, my thoughts turned to Denisa and the words of the Psalmist filled my heart ‘What Time I Am Afraid’ ….. suddenly I realised that ‘What Time’ meant ‘Now’. ‘I WILL Trust In Thee’.

As we returned to the car, I felt a shadow across my face. The disappearing blue sky quickly filled with grey thunder clouds; people making their way to QUB Graduation began running for shelter from the torrential rain. I was amazed the speed the storm had gathered.   Storms arise in all our lives – a letter, telephone call, disappointment, pressure – some perhaps brief showers, others leave their mark. We have never been promised a life free from storms but He has promised to steer us through until we safely reach the other side. Can’t you hear Him saying ‘Peace Be Still?

Peace is a beautiful word, illustrated as a place of rest, a garden of serenity filled with precious fragrances of His beauty.

The Lord Jesus notices the smallest of offerings, let us serve today in a love offering to Denisa, in the words of the Master ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place, a solitary place’.

Thursday, 7th July, 2016 remember Denisa. It is one year since her Bone Marrow Transplant; vital medical tests are necessary followed by PET & CT scans.

The ministry of prayer can be yours and mine, we can redirect the stream of mercy to Denisa. Let our compassion be active on Thursday.

Thank You,

Shirley, 05 July, 2016.

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