Colossians 3:14. ‘And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.’

ella2016Ella embraces life, grasping, reaching out just to be loved and accepted by others. Her little heart beats with expectancy, hope and purpose for her future. Ella’s father is in the 4th stage of Alzheimer’s disease, her brother remains very ill. 

As I think of my little treasure, I am reminded of the words found in Proverbs 20: 11. ‘Even a child makes himself known by his acts.’ Ella has been in the care of Emanuel Hospice since the age of three and is her Mum’s pride and joy; you can readily identify their special bond . Ella is keen to return to school to reshape her young mind, yet the multiple Blood Transfusions, the many complicated deficiencies surrounding her condition, limits the possibility of normal schooling. Her young mind is sharp and nurtured yet in her youthful manner she is very wise and thoughtful. She loves life, people, and in her gentle acts of kindness is always thinking of others, never selfish, resentful of her lot in life, her amazing smile says it all.

Ella’s Mum shared with me that the hospital doctors expressed concern regarding a particular area of Ella’s lungs, the Granulomatous Lung Disease showed cells they feared could be malignant. Angelina kept this incredible hurt and trauma from her little darling and so totally unaware, totally trusting, this little soldier faced the many tests and scans that followed without question.   If honest, I have been quietly concerned, asking the Lord in faith to let me take hold of His strength, knowing that all the powers of darkness cannot prevail against His mighty hand, and to help me assure Angelina that with God on her side, she will have nothing to fear, for we are more than conquerors.

Estera wrote late last night confirming the results – BENIGN. To God Be The Glory! But then, how much more can God our Father in love, grant strength sufficient for each day. There is no love like ‘A Father’s Love’.

My glittering little gem still sparkles although very weak. She has many months, perhaps years of hospital treatments ahead. Our stay on earth is brief and so we linger with a reason to love and impact the lives of others.   We are not in control of any situation or circumstance, but rather we choose His will, His way rather than our own!

A Father’s Love !   Everything that I do, may it glorify You, My Saviour and My God.

Shirley, 14 March, 2016

PS.  Even as Ella’s mom communicated this update on Ella, she said the rain was coming into her home because of the terribly poor kitchen window. She can not fix the problem because she needs to keep the money for the basic things like hospital and food!


Dr. Moore recently wrote a tract specifically for the Hospice Patients ‘NEWS YOU DO NOT WANT TO HEAR’. The leaflet not only makes clear that there is support for those who are in such trauma, but brings also the ‘Good News’ of what God has done and can do for us.  Pray that God will use it to bring assurance and hope for the future.

The responsibility is great, lives are passing into eternity; may we so ‘Walk with Him’ that our actions, words be a reflection of the great work He has wrought within our lives.

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