A letter from Denisa

Today Denisa wrote to Shirley and has granted permission to share this on the web.

Dear Mrs. Shirley and Dr. Moore,

The first words are to thank God who is with me every day. Thank you Mrs Shirley and Dr. denisa_chemoHamilton, people with big hearts who are in the most difficult moments with me so that I will be able to fight to the end. I managed to do the transplant but the recovery is very hard and long.

The treatment goes well but my body rejected the bone marrow at the liver. Because of this I have to do photo-chemiotherapy for an indefinite period till the liver tests will be good but I am positive that I will get through this hard trial.

I want to go home healthy and to continue my studies at the faculty of medicine, and with God’s help to become a good doctor, to help people with all my heart and soul, with faith, with my experience and what I learned in college.

Thank you with all my soul and I pray every day to God to give you health, joy and help you wherever you are.

Also, I want to thank from all my heart to gentlemen Stanley Abraham and Stephen Logan who chose to be with me on this difficult road in which I didn’t gave up any moment. God has sent them to me so I could continue treatment until the end and to be healed and healthy.

For everything you have done for me, I will pray and thank the Lord to be with you.

I wish you much health and happiness!

With all my gratitude,

PS The image of Denisa receiving chemo is published with her permission

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