Morning has broken

It is a glorious morning; the air is crisp. I smile as I walk briskly down the long and winding path to Emanuel Chapel where the sunlight is streaming through the beautiful window depicting ‘The Sower’. Why am I smiling? I notice tiny buds peering through the hard and frosty ground uniting in a majestic declaration ‘Winter Is Passing’. My mind turns immediately to S of S 2: 10-13 ‘…Lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone, the flowers appear on the earth, the time of the singing of the birds is come … Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away’. Come Away? Yes ‘The Moore’s have ‘Come Away’ – away to a land of great need, heartache, poverty, sickness and pain – pain that no medication can remove.

David Livingstone (in his dairy) penned: ‘The strangest disease I have found in this country seems really to be broken-heartedness’ No one is exempt, young, old, rich or poor. Dr. Moore and I have one obligation to serve with love that is without limit!

The beginning of blessing (this trip) commenced from day one with many ‘fruitful days’. We plan, prepare, prioritise the really important from the important, but if we could see beyond today; if for one moment could see with our natural eye the end result – surely our mind would be ‘hushed’ into quiet submission to the Master Plan.

Within one journey of my favourite eight flights of stairs, EVERYONE I needed to contact was either ‘going up’ or ‘going down’. Incredible? But then we know who is in charge, we know the One who rules with stupendous power, who is unique, triumphant and ALIVE today!

These have been ‘fruitful days’ – I am compelled to serve knowing that today is the yesterday I will remember tomorrow and so with the Psalmist I cry: ‘Teach Us To Number Our Days’. Each day should be a fruitful day – as we, the seasons of spring, summer, autumn pass, grow old – may we never lose our ‘freshness’ for the gospel.

I have so much to be thankful for: ‘My Girls’ (as I affectionately call them) from the Beauty of Holiness Group are a blessing in their zeal and hunger after God. Please remember Oana, Ligia, Ana, Ema, Alina, Dina, Anca & Tabita –they are precious to me and I shall miss them as I say ‘Good Bye’ this evening. Yes, I am sad, you see, I have come to love them as they have been given to me to care and nurture in the things of the Lord. Our small student room did not cease yesterday and today with the ‘young ones’ calling with a White Tulip, Plants as today is ‘ladies day’ in Romania! Precious Memories in my heart. Thank You Girls!

Silvia who heads the Child Life Romania Team was excited and encouraged as we met, sharing the team have access into the hospital wards three afternoons each week – pray for Silvia and her team of volunteers as they show their love for people who need the Lord, that these children, teenagers and parents will know, will feel, the warmth of everlasting arms surrounding them.

The Students of Emanuel University are close in my heart – as I scan the flock, the potential! Lord, drive me onward to serve day by day, to give, to leave something for Thee!

Marinela, Estera and I met this week. We reflected on our first meeting together and of my introduction to Romania. Clearly the Lord led me to the Hospice and since the fall of this year I have been searching my heart; yes, I am only one but I want so much to help this amazing team.  A team who are a Balm! Devoted and dedicated in their love and care.

Pastor David McFarland has produced a magnificent presentation with a new window on the Feeding Programme (photographs of a few families), a current update on Denisa (recent photograph) and a new window of meditation – well worth a visit! His passion and devotion to Tell Romania is evident in his attention to detail. I will be sharing reports once little Ella and Elizabeth have various tests and scans duly completed.

Dr. Moore writes:

I am ‘Back Home’ in the place where I belong! God continues to open many doors of opportunity.

It was great to be back with the young Theology Students as they seek to deepen their understanding of God’s Word. The past two weeks have been spent in teaching 3rd & 4th year. It is encouraging to see their growth and the awareness of a deep bond of friendship.

The Research Forum was held on 23rd Feb. as arranged – it is important to meet together as lecturers to share our theological interests and progress. I am tasked to read the articles which are being written for publication in English, as they must be.

We feel the need to share one with the other and so I am in the process of arranging an International Conference on Friday, 6th May 2016 in Emanuel University Chapel. This will take the form of a Theological Conference focusing on ‘THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS IN THE NEW TESTAMENT: ITS HISTORICAL CONTEXT AND THEOLOGICAL SIGNIFANCE’. Speakers include Dr. Paul Negrut, Rector of Emanuel University, Dr. Peter Firth, Irish Baptist College, along with myself and other invited guests who will be invited to deliver a paper. The afternoon will give the students also the opportunity to present short papers as well. I will choose a number of the articles for publication in a special Journal.

Pastor Daniel Tanc made contact regarding the Radio Voice of the Gospel and we set time aside yesterday for a recording on the theme of Worship.

This morning I was invited to speak at the meeting of the Communatie where approximately fifty Pastors meet each month for prayer and worship. Andrei, one of my 3rd year Theology Students assisted in preparing boxes of books printed by Evangelical Press from the pallet we brought out on the last lorry, plus the Romanian tracts and booklets – 400,000 donated by Every Home Crusade. It was such a joy to see the eager response of the pastors as they ‘carried’ the boxes/tracts to their car back to their churches and villages. The morning was a blessed time together with many new and old faces! Great to catch up with Pastor Remus, Satu Mare and to meet former Theological Students and new brethren who are anxious for me to visit their church on my return.

And so, it is time to go! I like Shirley will be sad to leave ‘My Boys’! There is much to accomplish in my time at home as I continue the writing of my future books and we put plans in action for the forthcoming May.

Confirmation has just been received that Shirley will have surgery at 12 noon on Friday (2pm Romanian Time) – just remember her as I know where her heart lies and longs to be.

Thank You for your love and support

‘The Moores’

01 March 2016


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