HFP2‘People’ matter!   They matter to the Lord!

  ‘People’ should be our first priority where through acts of compassion, the nature of Christ is extended.  In the book of Micah we are told ‘to do what is right, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with Our God’.  Ministry, whatever form it may take, should be effective. Through our acts of mercy, in thinking of others,  we ‘reach out and touch’ – we should never ‘pass by’!

Our concern should be ‘passionate’.  Our prayer ‘humble’.  Our service should not be to make an ‘impression’ but to make an ‘impact’ for eternity!

I cannot ‘walk away’; my heart is changed; challenged– the 30 families currently on the Hospice Feeding Programme is a priority!    £500 each month is a small task – I have a practical obligation, responsibility,   no one should experience hunger!  Our Lord gave, sharing from very little.  We are His children and represent the One who continually  giveth and giveth and giveth again.

There is an additional window on our TellRomania.org NEWS page specifically devoted to the Hospice Feeding Programme with pictures of some of the current families.  The window on Denisa is now updated with a new picture also.  Pastor David McFarland has shared a beautiful meditation under the Hospice Window and these will appear with Hospice Newsletters  as available.

TELLROMANIA has proved God in the past and we hold unto His promise for the future. If you feel the Lord leading you to assist,  please contact me. We give as ‘Unto Him’ without counting the cost.

Shirley, 29 February 2016

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