The words of Deuteronomy 32: 2 regulate the pendulum of life swinging from fear and anxiety to faith and trust.‘He is the Rock; His work is perfect. Everything He does is perfect. Everything He does is just and fair. He is a faithful God ……’

What a promise to commence my morning! I am surrounded, watched over and guarded – but then isn’t that how we care for our most precious possession?

Waiting isn’t easy! Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Clock Watching!  I am waiting for Marinela and Estera – longing to hear their ‘gentle knock’ on the door of room 205, their amazing smile as we meet again – we are ‘friends’ we are ‘sisters’ and love to share together!

I pause, thinking of the words found further down in our chapter: ‘He nourished, He fed, He gave, and gave only from the choicest of wheat!’ During these past two weeks, I have been on a journey of discovery, discovering the unfathomable faithfulness of God, proving that His words are never idle words, but are in fact – Life with a capital ‘L’ in all its fullness! ‘The Hungry Fed, The Humble Lifted High. The Hospice Feeding Programme!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Through those whose hearts the Lord touched, TELLROMANIA forwarded to Marinela Murg (Director) this morning, sufficient funding to provide for six months. The 30 families carefully evaluated by Estera (Social Worker) will now receive a monthly food parcel knowing that the shared ministry of brothers and sisters in Northern Ireland, who responded, is indeed a shared blessing – thank you! You have become a shelter, a place of quiet rest, a river of refreshing waters, a shadow in the cleft of the rock where safety and security can be found from the stormy winds that blow our way in this earthly life.

On a personal note, thank you for caring, loving, understanding, through your humility to serve, to share their grief, sorrow and loss, their poverty & pain, you have become His Hands, His Feet, You have become ‘Christ to Them’.

My husband and I remain humble, clearly recognising that Christ became a man and laid aside the Glory He had known, to become a lowly Carpenter!   But God exalted Him – The Humble Lifted High! We all pass through deep waters at some time in life but remember – it is ‘when’ not ‘if’ – ‘through’ not ‘into’ I will be with you! (Isa 43:2)

Shirley, 26/02/2016.


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