The words of this hymn sung last night in church pierced my heart!   Only hours earlier I had received an email from my friend Marinela Murg (Director of Emanuel Hospice Homecare Team), Oradea, Romania. As I read the contents, my emotion(s) became one of concern after the initial shock!

Many adult / children receive loving care, medication, and in some cases, dignity until their final days! Thirty patients and families are carefully evaluated and selected – those who are terminally ill and struggle financially.

One Food Parcel each month is not only a necessity but a blessing – a Gift from Above! 

Marinela confirmed as from 31st January, specifically designated funds have reached completion! There is no money to buy food parcels for these precious families (our brothers and sisters). As individuals we cannot feed all thirty but we can perhaps feed one! £15 per month will feed one family = £500 (in total) will feed all thirty!

Three years ago, I married Dr. Moore. His words still vivid in my memory when he asked in his own quiet manner ‘Shirley, will you come with me to Romania?’ – For one who had only flown once in her lifetime, my answer was without hesitation! ‘I will go, but only if the Lord gives me a work of my own’. Impossible circumstances for one who struggles with emotion – God makes no mistakes!

The Hospice work is my passion – but then I have found the more passion you have for God the more compassion He gives you for others!

I leave for Romania on Wednesday, 17th February for a shorter visit than planned as I have been informed this morning I need to return home for hand surgery. To-day is the 2ndFebruary – will you help ‘Feed the Hungry’ this month ?

The mark of reality of a true disciple: Matthew 25: 35 ‘ For I was hungry and you gave Me food, I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in’.


If you feel God is directing you to help, please forward cheque made out to TELL ROMANIA, Shirley Moore, B.5 Ocean Green, Ocean Drive, Portstewart. BT55 7RU

Alternatively you can give online using this link to our web site.

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