2016! Another year! A new beginning!   For some, a year of discovery, success, pain, loss, trial.

The miracle of life – a gift from God! My desire, my goal for 2016? Decisions, choices can determine if I am walking the perfect path or one of my own choosing! The Psalmist David wrote: ‘You will show me the path of life ….’ Another gem of penmanship: ‘Early in the morning will I rise up and seek Thee, and because Thou hast been my help, in the shadow of Thy wing ….’   Yes, my mood is rather pensive,   I am filled with emotion as I think of those dear to my heart, so lovingly under the care of Emanuel Hospice Team, the girls in the Beauty of Holiness Group, Students of Emanuel University, the Village Churches – I long to be back ‘Home’. Many, O Lord are Your wonderful works, Your thoughts always toward us, how could we ever number or speak of them – they are much more that could ever be numbered. Methinks it is time for another walk alone!

Yes I have been walking – perhaps somewhat familiar paths, my time to get alone with God for He knows what is coming and will bring me through! Why am I so sure, so certain?   The height, depth, width and breadth of His love cannot be measured. The world’s whispers can crowd, so much so, our focus becomes diminished!   Only in the pathway of His presence will I find Him, only there will I have the singularity of heart to open and keep walking with courage! God will make my assignment clear but only through an intimate and personal relationship with Him, knowing that whose who hope in His immeasurable power will never be disappointed and have their focus renewed.

The threshold of a New Year – opportunity, challenge, impacting lives – it is not only for me to hear but to obey – this way I will experience God’s Best.

Dr. Moore and I pray for guidance, wisdom as we encounter another year of service. Doubt can play a part – as humans we say ‘possible or impossible’. But then it is not ours to question only to obey! Pray for my husband as he returns to resume his duties in lecturing, preaching but also in establishing the Research Forum together with the Emanuel Faculty – the forthcoming Conference planned during May when International Lecturers will be invited to participate in an agenda for Pastors, Lecturers and Students.

Our flights to Romania are booked AND time is short! We leave on Wednesday, 17th February dv and will possibly return around Easter – again only for a short time before getting back to Romania for the Summer Semester. Our weeks at home have been extremely busy (three engagements some days). 1 Thess. 2v4. ‘But as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel …’ the power of the gospel – sure and sufficient for all! Thank You for your open heart in standing beside us in proclaiming this Message of Hope – we ask you to remember us as we endeavour to launch the Life and Learning Fund for Pastors and Students in Romania. How can you help? By purchasing the recent publication on The Pastoral Epistles – ‘1&2 Timothy and Titus: Missional Texts from a Great Missionary Statesman’. This Bible based commentary is a must for every home.   Your £15.00 donation will support a Pastor or Student.


Dr. Moore feels the need to write, to leave a legacy behind. This present book is being translated into Romanian and will be ready in September. A second is under way with others planned. Pray that we can make this a reality! We are workers together – may those who come behind find us to have been faithful! The greatest legacy we can all leave is to have been found loving the Lord with all our heart, our soul, our mind – this is the true measure of success!

Evangelical Bookshop, 15 College Square East, Belfast, are hosting a Book Signing:

Saturday, 13th February, 2016 – 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm.

Come and meet the Author, purchase a book personally signed.

Have a chat with us before we leave, Shirley – 25 January, 2016

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