Is there a song?

Hush! The sound of Christmas.

10.30p.m. and as I vacate the classroom, I am met with the strains of: ‘Angels we have heard on high’; ‘Come to Bethlehem and see Him whose birth the angels sing’; ‘See Him in a manger laid, Whom the choirs of angels praise’. GLORIA, IN EXCELSIS DEO! I stop, not daring to intrude, my heart is lifted as in quietness and hopefully unobservant, I listen to the students rehearsing throughout the corridors of the university – the sound, the harmony of this blessed Christmastime is beautiful to behold both in singing and personal contact. I could listen forever! Oops, must make my way back to room 205 – I am later than planned – an anxious husband will be waiting!

After supper my mind was still focusing on ‘Angels from …….’ I turned to Ps.91 NLT ‘He orders His angels to protect you wherever you go, they will hold you with their hands’. I am always protected, escorted home throughout this earthly pilgrimage. An angel delivered the message to Mary announcing the birth of the Christ Child, Heaven’s King, the Heavenly Host praised God at the birth of the Saviour of the World. And so I question: Aren’t angels servants too?



In our ‘Quiet Time’ – together (as an ordinary couple) we have been asking: ‘What do we really desire in this life?’ ‘What is it that drives us forward day by day?’ ‘What do we hope to achieve?’ ‘What is our ultimate goal?’ In my own heart, though blessed to serve, nothing can or will ever compare with His blessing, approval. He knows the path and leads until the day when we shall know! ‘In the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert’ Isa. 35: 6.

Three weeks have flown and another two remaining before we return to Portstewart around 22nd (hopefully we will make it home for Christmas Day) ha ha. Two busy weeks for ‘The Moore’s’! Dr. Moore is involved in the Masters week and continues classes with the 4th year students. A visit to Satu Mare & Odoreu is scheduled this weekend – our first free Sunday since our arrival.

Arrangements are now in place for my husband’s publication on The Pastoral Epistles to be translated into Romanian, duly completed prior to Graduation. It will then be edited and sent to print. Please pray the Lord will send the resources required to make this valuable Bible Based Commentary available to Pastors and Students throughout Romania. A book filled with mines of treasure. By purchasing at the small cost of £15 – you can make a difference, enabling the Life & Learning Fund to proceed. The second publication on the Book of Galatians is in process! Watch out for number three on The Holy Spirit!

Following another 4th year student class on Romans, a second Research Forum for Pastors will be held next week when opportunity will be given for those in attendance to submit and read their papers. The School of Practical Theology will be held the day before we leave so again we will be returning home certainly ‘travelling light’! No time to pack!

Friday – a vivid memory! I was so looking forward to seeing my friend Elizabeth and her husband John. As Estera and I drove to the entrance of their small home, there she was outside, watching, waiting! I don’t think I have ever been hugged so tightly! Elizabeth remains in the care of Emanuel Hospice Homecare Team – and although failing in health her spirit is inspiring. Please remember my dear friend, there are many complications following bowel surgery, C.T. Scans have confirmed a tumour inside her kidney, a double hernia and a very large stone in her gallbladder – another C.T. Scan will be carried out early February when decisions regarding surgery will be finalised. As I left, a Romanian doll was placed in my hand – totally made from corn grown in the fields. ‘From my heart to you, remember me’. How could I ever forget?

Ella is in Cluj at present undergoing treatment. Denisa remains close in heart; I have just received confirmation that Lilliana is flying back from Italy and will be with me tomorrow. What a reunion, I cannot wait! Watch the ‘Denisa’ window on our web for an update. It will be great to see the families today at the Hospice Christmas Celebration, Maria Gabor and family etc; I must take a picture of Marco who is now eighteen and over six foot tall. Such an opportunity for my husband to present the message of the Saviour! Face to face with so much pain, questions, struggle, places me in a secret corner of darkness in my heart, I love my brothers and sisters and especially my ‘little ones’ and so I feel their pain and at times the waters are deep causing me to sink within. What do I do? Where do I run? When I am unsure of the road to follow or the right words to say, whether in the summer of their life or in the cold and frosty winter, seasons of change – let me touch Him – Others will know and be blessed!

Silvia and Madelina have just left – we have been sorting the Child Life Romania boxes (in their hundreds) and have been able to donate toys and clothes to various orphanages as well as the linked hospitals. Pray for this ministry as these young Child Life Specialists visit the hospital(s) seeking to impact the lives of children and parents. Victoria is the daughter of my friend Pamela Patrick (Ballycrochan B.C.) and Victoria sent a memory stick of her Art & Craft achievements in various locations (far and wide). Silvia is overwhelmed! Methinks there will be a quick contact from Romania to Bangor by email. These are special young ladies on a mission to serve!

The Anthos Dental Treatment Centre donated is now installed and working perfectly. I have been invited to visit the dental surgery (I don’t plan any treatment during my visit) ha ha.

Emanuel University Mixed Choral Ensemble Christmas Concert – Tuesday, 15th. The standard, presentation and content are beyond words – this is an evening not to be missed!

‘His name shall be called Emmanuel….. God with us….. The Prince of Peace’ Isa 9: 6. Stop! Listen! There IS a song in the air! Sing with me ‘O Come Let Us Adore Him, Christ The Lord’.

I will not have the opportunity to write again before leaving. Dr. Moore and I wish you all a blessed Christmas as you worship the Christ Child with those you love – remembering your yesterday(s) and your today!

Shirley, 08 December 2015

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