The midnight hour

tellrToday’s difficulties are tomorrow’s strengths! This was put into action when suddenly, in the silent darkness of a typical Romanian night, a thundering noise was heard. Through the gates of Emanuel University, a brightly lit 45ft container drove slowly in splendour! In an instant, the ground surrounding the area of unloading was brightly lit with car headlights – quite a sight as an army of students (Male & Female) joined Dr. Moore in the mammoth task of sorting, carrying up a long driveway, an even longer corridor then five flights of stairs! No lift, no escalator, just sheer determination, box by box to ‘Go Beyond’.

Dr. Moore controlled the unloading – we had many items for various locations: Child Life Romania; Computers – I.T.Department; Books – Library and students; 500,000 Tracts; Emanuel University Furnishings; Anthos Dental Treatment Centre; Pallet(s) for Cluj and local Pastors. Our friend, Ken Gardiner (Dromore B.C.) assisted students to the various locations within the University whilst I guided on Level 2. Quite an experience – there were boxes, furniture, books everywhere – even though by the end of 4 – 5 hours we were ALL totally exhausted we had to smile as a remark was made ‘Dr Moore must be very rich’! This was purely because of all the boxes marked FAO DR MOORE. ‘If Only’ I replied laughing! Yes, you know what is coming, methinks – how rich, how blessed, how privileged to be chosen, to be one of His own, a temple where He abides, worships and so as penned by George Matheson who knew the cost of sacrifice, suffering yet remained faithful: Love that wilt not let me go! Light that follow’st my way! Joy that seekest me through pain! Concluding with – Life that shall endless be! – All that I can say is ‘I give Thee back the life I owe’. Of course the ‘riches’ were for others, the many things sent so lovingly from loving hearts.

The following morning Brother Elijah & Sister Raelene brought the Director of the Hospital to meet with us – he was amazed at the number of items donated for Child Life Romania, (the ministry being developed within local hospitals) and of course the electric beds, blood pressure monitors and maternity bassinette units complete with consumables. It actually took three runs to transport the medical items to the hospitals. He was overwhelmed to receive the electric beds and advised us to purchase one in Romania would cost the hospital 5,000 Euros! One large room in the Basement area of Emanuel Chapel is packed from floor to ceiling with numerous boxes also an outer corridor containing prams, buggies, car seats, baby bouncers, baby high chairs, wheel chairs etc. The world without Christ needs to hear to receive the Lord’s music of peace through our lives, the choices we make turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. It is certainly not time to ‘Hang Up Our Harps’…………………………………………………… Where do I begin?

Brother Jim Flanagan left his home at 6 a m to collect ‘The Moore’s’ – seventeen hours later we were finally driving into Emanuel University – a quick and very welcome cup of ‘Twinings’ – quick nap then straight into lectures the following morning for The Professor! Life is busy on campus affording opportunities for my husband to teach 4th year students, meet pastors, all seeking, hungering for a deeper knowledge of the Word of God. My own girls in the ‘Beauty of Holiness’ group(s) are amazing – we have formed a bond of love and friendship as we work our way through this study sharing our hopes, ambitions, plans. Choices, so many choices, yet knowing ‘If Only’ we surrender, as an individual, we can become a model of His character, His nature, displaying love to those in need; we are never too young or never too old to lead by example.

Little Ella called at room 205 with her mother Angelina – she ran (holding tightly in her hand) a Christmas Bell she had painted (Emerald Green) for her friend from Ireland. Ella is very precious to me and dearly loved. Please pray for this little darling – now facing many weeks of treatment and so far from home. My heart is heavy as I write, as Estera, Hospice Social Worker informed me there is another concern but the family have no money for travel let alone an M.R.I. Scan – this is the reality! Thanks to the hearts who responded to Hospice needs TellRomania were able to donate £400 to assist on this occasion. Denisa still remains in hospital (Milan, Italy). She has been there five months and again separated from her Mother & Father who reside in a village many miles from Oradea. Denisa is weak and open to infection – she needs to know we care but more importantly that He is the One who will look after and care for her. I lay awake concerned – the darkness only seemed to intensify the reality of the situation(s). Why was I trying to find an answer? Psalm 42: 8 – ‘Through each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me and through each night I sing His songs, praying to God who gives me life’.

Dr. Moore and I have recognised (especially this trip) we have different roles to fulfil! Each morning, after our ‘Quiet Time’ we embrace the day accepting our own individual key of usefulness as clay in the hands of the Potter. Self acceptance is important. God doesn’t change our personality, our capability, but He can turn our brokenness, our willingness (even in fear and trembling) into a channel of blessing.

We are privileged to be ministering in various village churches during our time here. Last Sunday we visited our friends in Grace Baptist Church, Mierlau; my first port of call was to look for little Josh and there he was! I chatted with his sister Salomi and enjoyed the ministry of Mierlau Brass Band led by Josh’s father. In the evening we ministered in Emanuel Baptist Church, Hidisel De Sus meeting ‘new friends’. The church has MANY young people and a mandolin orchestra! The pastor was a graduate of Emanuel; his wife Oana a student last year in the School of Practical Theology. One sensed that God was powerfully at work.

The next weekends are booked in Tileagd Baptist and Topa de Cris Baptist Church – new for ‘The Moore’s’. Brother Ken Gardiner spent the first five days of his week with Dr. Moore in Emanuel then Friday – Sunday in Satu Mare & Odoreu with Pastor Remus. When we returned home from Hidisel the two weary travellers were waiting for supper with ‘The Moore’s’. It was great to ‘catch up’ with Pastor Remus and we hope to visit Satu Mare & Odoreu soon – thought it would be a time to share Christmas Blessings in word and song with our many and much loved friends who remain close in our hearts.

Many events have been planned throughout December – my husband and I are enjoying being more involved in the ‘Student Life’ and look forward to the Chocolate Season where Cadbury’s Roses, Heroes, from Ballymoney and Thorntons from Newtownbreda will be on display! Emanuel University Christmas Choral Event – this is a Wow Factor!!!!!!!!!! Emanuel Hospice Christmas Carol Service where all the patients (adult & children) come together. We haven’t booked our return home as yet as there are still commitments to fulfil with the School of Practical Theology (late December).

Doing our part?   We are praying for God’s mind as to the future – clearly we are being drawn with cords of love into the work of Emanuel with its many roles in the University, High School, Hospice, Casa Grace.

Dr Paul Negrut and Dr. Moore are viewing possibilities regarding the translation into Romanian of The Pastoral Epistles. Further publications need to be written on specific topics, and so I would ask you to remember my husband as he accepts this responsibility for the future. I too feel a leading, a drawing to work more closely with the female students – do remember Oana, Silvia, Miriam and Maria in Italy. Our thoughts can be established if we commit our ways, our works to the Lord. In looking through one of my ‘Notebooks’ I found where I had written: ‘Intimacy with God will promote stability, security, serenity, sensitivity, understanding – may I make it my priority to possess ‘A Heart After God’.

Summation: The pallet of Library Books resulted in 3 copies of each title donated to Emanuel Library, boxes containing 30 books for each Theology student and Masters Student. 500,000 Tracts donated by Every Home Crusade – separated into large heavy duty bags for Pastors, Students to distribute to Villages in Romania. 30 Computers/6 Laptops donated – the exact number required to upgrade the models within the campus – they only had one Laptop!


Shirley, 27 November, 2015.

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