Cause me to know the way in which I should walk, for I lift up my soul to You’ (Psalm 143: 8)

‘I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;I will guide you with My eye’           (Psalm 32: 8)

Reservation(s), fear(s), pressure(s), disappointment(s) can effect our ‘walk of faith’ as we focus on the move forward to situations, areas, still unknown. But then the Bible clearly states many ‘Heroes of the Faith’ experienced similar periods in their walk of faith.

Yet, the ‘little handfuls on purpose’ come just when needed – assuring us to keep walking even though the lights are dimly lit!   We cannot question the Lord for He and He alone has paved our steps in His chosen pathway for ‘such a time as this‘ (Yes, two of my favourite biblical quotes) so true and more importantly – proven!

Why is my ‘heart’ penning these words ? Last evening, Daria, (Hospice Psychologist) telephoned, breaking the news, Mia, (one of three Mums in Hospice Care) had gone to be with the Lord. The youngest of her six children asked: ‘Who is going to be my Mummy now?’  My first reaction was sadness as I reflected on their gypsy village existence, their future? The Apostle Paul always taught Timothy how to stay strong and as I watch my husband add the finishing touches to his book on the Pastoral Epistles, small ‘tokens’ of comfort and strength peer through. I return next week, my first port of call will be to visit these little darlings – remembering that yes, I must acknowledge the situation, the difficulties, but I must take a strong and positive action of being ‘on the ground’ – £5 per week will feed this family and others in our Hospice Home Care. The heart and character but more effectively the compassion of Our Lord when He said: ‘Suffer the little children to come unto me . . .’ Will you help? Pray that we will have the resources to feed, clothe and care for these little ones who are at a formative stage in their young lives! We must care!

The Lord again was already ahead and knew my passion needed restoring – how? Many of you will remember I shared during the summer regarding Elizabeth, the 92 year old lady who could not get to the shops but wanted to make a contribution to the Shoe Project (Special Needs School) sending a cheque through the post. Our friendship developed through corresponding, her letters are such an inspiration, sharing how she spends her day reading and praying.

Sunday: Dr. Moore was ministering morning and evening in Monkstown Baptist Church, Desi McComb met me at the front entrance saying ‘Shirley, Elizabeth is here and wants to meet you’ – my reaction – totally shell shocked! Yes, there my Dear Friend Elizabeth sat with her Grand-daughter, Heather – my heart pounded as I made my way to the pew! ‘Elizabeth, how did you know I was here?’ ‘Well, my dear, I received your update in the post, I decided to come and meet you as at 92 you need to take every opportunity, so here I am’! Her words resounded in my ear! ‘You need to take every opportunity’. And so ‘HERE I AM’:

In my previous update, I penned the Lord speaks through ‘others’ – Elizabeth’s story renewed my passion.   This time next week, I will be on route to Romania – looking forward to seeing another Elizabeth in Romania – yet others I knew and loved will not be there! I go hiding this promise:


My Prayer: Lord, help me to be a shining light in darkness, displaying Your presence in practical service.

Remember Dr. Moore and I in our differing roles of service. –