They pass by unnoticed!

Airports, Train Stations, Bus Terminals, Taxi Stands, Ferrys – people, so many people! Yet, how many pass by unnoticed?

My husband was so privileged yesterday to share in the Service of Thanksgiving for his life-long friend, Brian Ferguson; a quiet, unassuming gentleman whose gentle disposition touched the many lives who passed His way; one to be noticed.

During these recent months, Brian displayed a very special grace expressing, as was so clearly defined in the message of Pastor Trevor Watson – ‘The Wonder Of It All’. I called to mind Brian’s smile, as he said: ‘Shirley, Heaven sounds a wonderful place’.

Heaven, sounding sweeter all the time
Seems lately, always on my mind.
One day, I will leave this world behind
Heaven, sounding sweeter all the time.

Brian, following his successful interview earlier last year, recently received confirmation of his appointment, as one of the wardens at the empty tomb in Jerusalem. But the Lord called him to service in His presence as Revelation 22v3-4 reveals:

‘…His servants shall serve Him: And they shall see his face and his name shall be in their foreheads’.

My mood is pensive as I wait to board the flight for Cluj Napoca, on route to Oradea; people rushing in every direction, trying to make it on time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time! Our life is just a moment in time, our heartbeat beats so quickly, yesterday is gone! Tomorrow? To-day! Lord help me to realise my heart must be open and my life changed. The challenge, the potential! Do remember Dr. Moore and I in our differing roles of service.

Dr. Moore as he ministers in Betel Baptist Church this weekend and various points of contact regarding the Christian Centre at Racatau, Cluj Hospitals before leaving for Emanuel University, Oradea to commence teaching and preaching in the village churches.

I would appreciate your payers as I commence my planned Agenda tomorrow with a visit to the work of Preventis (Drug Abuse) to engage in a programme of assisting the twenty-five disadvantaged children under their care for one year. Emanuel Hospice Homecare Team to assess the Feeding Programme for the terminally ill and bereaved families within their care. The Art Therapy Class will reopen offering support to the children who themselves are terminally ill or who have lost or about to lose a loved one. Five Infant/Maternity Hospital(s) needing equipment and resources. My heart must be an open heart of surrender, emptied of self so much so the need of the unloved, untouched will melt will break my heart on the altar of service. They ought to be noticed!

Nothing can separate us from the Love of God – We are here in His time and purpose – help us to love, to touch as we pass by. We pass by only once! There are no return journeys. One Way Only in operation! Think of These Things!

And so with the Psalmist David I pray: ‘Lord, teach us to number our days’.