Building anew!

‘In the Lord put I my trust’ Psalm 11:1.

‘Touch us with the fire of Thine altar, that we may be up and doing, to rebuild our city’  Robert Louis Stevenson.

The high winds had eased and a soft breeze filled the air. Another beautiful autumnal morning.  I turned toward the copper beech to be greeted by a confident song bird perched comfortably and whose pitch was perfection.   It is in the least unexpected moments I receive from His hand, whenever and however I need most. Perhaps a spoken word, or in silent solitude!  This morning one lonely tiny bird was my messenger.  I found myself looking across the mountains, high, lofty and yet for many a difficult climb to make with a burdened heart. Names of precious friends filled my heart, those for whom the struggles of life are overpowering just now, where for them the School of Pain contains hard lessons to bear.

‘Lead me higher, nothing dreading,
In the race to never stop;
In Thy footsteps keep me treading,
Give me grace to reach the top’.

Last evening I was reading the call of Abram; three words impacted my mind.  ‘I will bless’.  We read on to find Abram left, as the Lord had told him’   We see the goal but first we must encounter the storms.  During the past four months, life for ‘The Moore’s’ knew change.  I have lost count of the endless conversations trying to reach conclusions.  I think of Jacob who lingered ….. Elijah who withdrew …… you know the stories well.  We have been there, made the journey, now it is time to commence Building Anew.   As the Psalmist we can say: ‘My mediation of Him shall be sweet’.  In the loud voices of silence we have a constant companion.

Hamilton has come through a different experience for him personally, his last illness in hospital being at the age of seventeen. A recent setback did cause concern; still we knew that our faith rested on the promises of God. F. B. Meyer penned: ‘Oh, for grace to wait and watch with God!’   Do continue to remember the work of Tell Romania.  Our projected plans for 2019 are now in action, the work continues to expand.   It is our heart’s desire to return to our beloved Romania.  God already knows the precise moment.  We are waiting!  What have I learned through this situation?  I never walked alone!  The Lord sent this circumstance into my life and throughout the various trials the Lord was with me.  The days I could not see clearly or think clearly I knew that His purpose was higher than any challenge I faced.  Slowly the wider picture is evolving.  Tell Romania is expanding their borders.  2019 is going to be a busy year!  EMANUEL HOSPICE. CASA GRACE FOUNDATION. CIGHID ORPHANS. CHILD LIFE ROMANIA. IOCHEBED. BUCHAREST STREET CHILDREN. STILL WATERS AND A NEW ADDITION – HOME FARM.  Are we planning early retirement?  NO TIME!

This month we will focus on five of the eight arms of outreach:
KEVIN is able to walk with the aid of a walking frame. He is now entering his fourth week of physiotherapy; please continue to pray Kevin will be able to walk unaided in the very near future.

Two new patients to the Feeding Programme:  GEORGY (51) diagnosed with bronchopulmonary cancer.  He is very weak but through the witness of the Hospice Team came to know the Lord Jesus.  He was baptized in Emanuel Baptist Church, Oradea last Sunday.  DAMI (15) diagnosed with a brain tumor. Dami is unable to attend school owing to his illness.  He too came to know the Lord and was also baptized with his mother in Emanuel Baptist Church.  Note the importance of reaching people with the gospel of the Lord Jesus and through the simple method of a small bag of food for the hungry.  Can you help feed the dying until their final days? Will you offer dignity in love by becoming part of our Feeding Programme but more importantly in  reaching one for His Kingdom?

Little Ishmael (6) who has had twenty surgeries, smiled so much when he received from NI the colostomy bags.  My friend Estera said it was as a child receiving a much wanted toy on Christmas Morning.  I have no words!
Our hearts surround the terminally ill patients and their families, we pray for sustaining grace, courage in the battle related to their illness, a mother longing to hold her little one.  This Christmas my heart breaks when I think of my little treasures who will not be part of our Hospice Christmas Celebrations.  May all the families who have loved and lost know the tender loving care of our compassionate Lord. As I write their little faces come before me – they entered my heart.  I had the joy of loving, if only for a short time.

Casa Grace continue to reach desperately poor families who struggle with the expenses incurred during the freezing conditions, the icy cold winds of Romanian winter months – they have no money for wood, no heat, no running water, no light …  We can offer hope even in this small way.
A village lady whose husband contracted an unknown virus triggering Amiotrophic Sclerosis —- he died on 22 October leaving this precious mother alone to care for thirteen children.  Thirteen hungry children!  Tell Romania refurbished a new Sewing Room complete with eight new sewing machines.  Headed by Sister Dana, an amazing lady with a heart filled with love and compassion and whose patience is an example as she quietly teaches the nine month Golden Needle Award Module.  Four of the girls now attend classes in order to learn seamstress skills.

ANNA whose mother died when she was only aged eleven, wanders the cold streets of Romania trying to find reality. ‘My father is an alcoholic, what have I to go home to’?  Food for thought! 

Sister Dora working tirelessly with the orphan and abandoned children. These children did not choose to be born this way, their piercing eyes longing just to be loved, hugged and made feel special.  Dora’s heart beats with love for all these precious jewels. Ninety Down Syndrome Children receive weekly therapy in the specially designed and furnished room provided by Tell Romania.. Little surprises of video clips suddenly appear on my email and with tears streaming down my face, I smile and long for the day when I can again  be part of this class, where just to see their smile of welcome tells me ‘I am home’. It is a privilege to support the work of Casa Grace.

CHILD LIFE ROMANIA offer support to children and families admitted to hospital suffering from cancer or as diagnosed from the Haematology / Oncology spectrum.  Syliva has been one of ‘My Girls’ for six years – she  calls me her adopted mum! A special young lady I have watched grow in the Lord.  She married one of Dr. Moore’s Theology students in 2017 and they are an amazing young couple with a missionary focus birthed in their hearts.  Sylvia returned on Friday from the USA after taking and passing her final Child Care examinations. I recall those special afternoons with her on the hospital wards, corridors where I met parents and grandparents, embracing the opportunity to tell them I know a man who loved so much He gave ….  A little word in season 

Sister Gaby heads the team of IOCHEBED.  There is an urgent need now for Dried Powder Milk (0-1) year old babies, nappies and hygiene products.  Three BWF are collecting for this project.

HOME FARM is based in the village of Borsa (near Cluj). The land was recently purchased by a Christian organisation called Pas cu Pas translated in English, Step by Step.  They work with orphans, taking them out of the orphanage for a period of time, helped in their task by volunteers, some of whom are orphans themselves. Eventually it is the aim to teach skills which in turn would lead to employment and to use the farm as a base for this teaching.  Home Farm is under the supervision of a couple from Iris Baptist Church , Cluj, (Dina and Gabriel)  David Morton (one of the directors of Tell Romania) is heading a work team  06 – 20 May, 2019; an invitation has been extended to get involved in this project.  Anyone interested in being part of this opportunity should contact David.  I will be happy to forward contact details.

Home Farm need ‘bicycles’.  Do you have a bicycle you no longer use?  Would you like to donate it to Home Farm?  If so, please contact me.  Piece by piece the puzzle of their young lives will finally fit through the love and interest shown by those who care.

Yes, we are building anew.  All the Lord is asking is our time, our service.  As we approach this special time of year when Heaven’s Child became our gift can we give the gift of ourselves for His kingdom.
Five areas of need, as I place on paper I myself am overwhelmed.  I begin to question where, how … feelings of inadequacy crowd around me.  I have failed before I begin if I allow feelings to replace faith.

George Muller’s secret:
Take the golden key, He calleth thee
Enter into the holy place.

Lord, help me find the secret and apply it to my life in simple childlike faith.

Shirley, 14th November, 2018