In for repair

  ‘The Lord will be the place of repair of His people’ (Joel 3: 16)
With a quiet heart I wait; there are no unanswered questions clouding my mind. At times I find myself ‘looking in’ or ‘checking’ all is well with Hamilton, confined yet keeping busy adding finishing touches to his new book ‘Glory in the Cross’. Yes, I have my own thoughts, my own concerns; methinks no soldier in the King’s army is ever laid aside; he remains on active service waiting for orders for a new commission. Ours is not to question, ours the responsibility to trust with inner peace.

Our new surroundings are filled with an overwhelming sense of quietness. How do you like your new home?’ I am frequently asked. Let’s just say the solitude, the peace is precious for in the silence of my soul I am reminded of the times our Lord needed rest. We read ‘He withdrew himself into a desert place and prayed’ or ‘He went out into the mountain to pray’ ….. the power of silence, the hush that tells us to ‘stand still’. God is working out His plan.

Tell Romania has experienced months of sadness; speaking personally, I still feel the emptiness, the pain of parting with those I loved. I now face the reality of ‘what more can I do?’; ‘how do I go forward into 2019?’. Estera and Monika share their hearts, their concerns for those who are still broken, lives torn apart and undone by the cruel winds of time. I long to run to them, hold them close and tell them I know a Man whose love and compassion with gather you, restore the wasted years – He is the Lover of Broken Hearts and with loving hands will reshape and remould a broken vessel into one of beauty. Most evenings as I lay my head on the pillow, sleep is far removed. I look up at the darkened sky and I know the stars are hiding there somewhere. This is the moment I trust in the untraceable ways of the Lord and remember that all my days are His and as I go forward with projected plans for 2019 I must commit – I must trust. Perplexed; Disappointed? I am not forgotten; what He has promised He will do. He will work it out.

My friend Pastor David McFarland just telephoned; his son Jonathan has been assisting in the production of our new Power Point presentation; Jonathan has grasped the passion of my heart. David commented, ‘Shirley as I watched the presentation on Leukemia my heart was deeply moved’. I knew what he meant because if honest my own heart is broken as I watch Denisa, Dada, Robi, John, Emanuel, Baby Florin and Deborah. I cannot imagine the heartache of their precious Mums. I think of Lilianna whose life has been dedicated to her beloved Denisa. Little Dada who told her Mummy just before she died ‘Please don’t cry Mummy. Jesus is coming for me’. All these young people and babies were blessed with food through the Feeding Programme; their families will continue to be fed during 2019. A new little lamb to our Feeding Programme – Victor (2) who was abandoned by his mother when only a baby. He is now in foster care where he is loved. Just now he is in hospital receiving treatment for Leukemia. ‘Who will care?’ We care!

Kevin’s planned surgeries have now been completed – tomorrow the cast from his legs will finally be removed. Kevin will wear special shoes for a period of time and will attend Physiotherapy classes – he cannot believe that finally after nine years he will be able to walk – thank you for supporting this family in prayer. They also receive food from the Feeding Programme.

The days of the Casa Grace team are busy as they reach out to desperately poor families, maintain the care of the orphan, disabled children and abandoned babies. I call to mind one gypsy family I visited, in danger of losing their home. Situated at the side of a site being demolished by the local authorities, it appeared the situation was hopeless. As a family and together we continued to pray, the Lord answered prayer – they have received local approval to remain in their home. Jehovah Jireh – Our Provider. Monika spends time with many of the children struggling without a Mum or Dad. I think of two little girls in particular who really miss their Mum; they have no one to help them with homework and in particular mathematics. Fear has caused them to become introverted. I spent many afternoons with their Mum, an amazing lady who loved the Lord and had a very special grace during her final weeks, I understand their loss. Others who do not know the meaning of a loving godly home, who are found wandering the Romanian courtyards at night – nothing at home only an alcoholic father. Children are crying! Telephones are silent! The cold and hungry homeless one! The runaway, the one who has lost their way – can we point them homeward? Love will never fail!

Iochebed continue to counsel hundreds who ‘Knock’. their door. Gypsy families who have no one to care; single girls who have lost their way. Mothers who have made the decision to keep their baby, unable to afford the necessary medicines, dried milk, clothes. Children who feel inferior yet through a simple act of love in second hand clothing, shoes, back pack, can now go to school. Advice is given to women facing difficulties in their family, widows too old, too tired to work in the fields and who know nothing, only endless poverty. Babies needing nourishment. Iochebed reaches out and touches lives.   Tell Romania are involved and pledge their support during 2019 as the Lord sends in His plan and purpose.

The House of Grace in Bucharest is where each week Monday to Friday lunch is prepared/served to 250 homeless or poor people, 20 meals delivered to elderly disabled folk, with a day centre in operation for disadvantaged children where around 100 attend and receive a meal.
The Toma Sisters: I can see that God has given what was needed in His time and in His plan. This family consisting of ten children (two married) have known such pain and suffering, five of their children have all been involved in car accidents (the four sisters recently) one son remaining in a coma after one year. I could say indeed their fields are parched, they need the rain of refreshing showers. But even though their sky shows ‘a little cloud’ just now, their trust, their faith, is steadfast, knowing that as they wait greater clouds of blessing will come. They remain under the care of Emanuel Hospice and have now been accepted as a family who will receive help for two years with Casa Grace Foundation. Please remember them.
At times I am impatient and lack sensitivity in discerning the beginnings of God’s mercy, which are new every morning.

In summation, some gems from the book of Isaiah.
Instead of the dry land, springs of water!
Instead of heaviness, the garment of praise!
Instead of the thorn, the fir tree!
Instead of the brier, the myrtle tree!
Instead of ashes, beauty
 The Lord is MY shepherd, I shall not want.


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