Emanuel: God with us

Proverbs 31: 20. ‘She opens her arms to the poor, and extends her hands to the needy’

Jeremiah 31: 8. ‘See, I will bring them from the ends of the earth. Among them will be the blind and the lame’ . . .

An eventful journey, Saturday past, late connections, a must for our Family Album – The Moore’s jogging from one Gate to another – second ‘hitch’ on route to Oradea – ‘gridlock’ – miles of containers/ trucks desperately trying to reach the border before Sunday (driving of heavy goods vehicles not permitted on Sunday in Hungary).   15 hours of exciting travel,   finally we reached Emanuel University.

The beautiful sunsets back home, were now replaced with starless, black and uninviting skies, skies of darkness and need. Yet, as we drove for hours through the many villages, there they stood in the darkness, trying to ‘sell’ the last of their fruit – smiling, as they proudly showed their cart / basket dimly lit with Christmas lights!

‘Home’, we knew deep within we were where we should be at this time. Why? The Lord would show that mercy (not just in word but in deed) should be extended to the needs of others as ‘Unto Him’.

As anticipated, my husband and I share breakfast at around 4.30am (your time) each morning and end the day together over supper. I, as a wife, eager to hear of his day(s) within the academic level. Dr Moore had an extremely heavy schedule this term, lectures in the Masters Programme, then late into the evening(s) teaching in the School of Practical Theology (trying to fit in the occasional recording at the Radio Voice of the Gospel) His hands were certainly not idle but filled with work! But then the smile of satisfaction as he enters the small apartment room, declares the Heart of the Man – he is a Man with a Mission. Although tired, he has always time to listen as I share the emotions of my day, offering words of wisdom and comfort.   But then how is one or how should one respond when they know that if a father does not sell his ‘Tin Crafting’ the family do not eat? The children are so adorable especially those dark, welcoming eyes – I cannot walk away! Back home, in Coleraine Baptist Church, we sing: ‘Break My Heart With What Breaks Yours’!

The Beatitudes contain one operative word ‘Blessed’. And at this blessed time of year, it was my plan to focus on the many facets of children’s work within Romania.

Caminuel Felix Village 1 were overwhelmed by the provision of a Christmas Gift for each orphan provided by the BWF of Magherafelt Baptist Church who will make this a Christmas to be remembered by 77 young formative lives. Brother Miahi Bulc, one of the house parents could not find the words to express his gratitude, amazement, that one of our Sister Baptist Churches provided six new bunk beds/mattresses for his family, replacing those of 22 years. The fact they have ‘ladders’ keeps the children ‘amused’ for hours! Am I not My Brother’s Keeper?   How can we thank you for showing your love in such a practical manner.   The Sunflower Room were thrilled with the donation(s) from Causeway Fabrics in Coleraine – Thank you girls.   During our visit the dental engineers were busy working on rebuilding the Anthos Dental Chair and a picture of the refurbished dental surgery containing the trolley, instruments etc all due to the sourcing of Sinead Fox SOD will be sent ‘our way’ once completed. Oops, my little girl in ‘pink’ (Natasha) growing fast, loved her ‘Disney Mirror’ sent by ‘Auntie Jackie’ – I told her ‘Auntie Ruth’ had a surprise for her on my next visit!

My visit to Salonta Special Needs School – Wow! I was warmly greeted by the staff and to a very different arrangement of ‘Jingle Bells’ – the participating pupils had been rehearsing for two months! Well Done!

I was to learn that Salonta is linked to Emanuel Special High School in Oradea, where 400 pupils are in attendance. Placement of young people unable to study at University level to include 50 pupils from the Special Needs School in Salonta form the intake of students. All have the opportunity of studying a trade in joinery, gardening, seamstress, hairdressing, etc – all attainable and achievable. One of the female students accompanied me to Oradea and was so helpful in assisting me shop for a tired professor awaiting lunch before his next classI I actually just made it on time (5 minutes to spare) so it was ‘lunch on the go’!

THE SHOES! I watched until I thought my heart would break, one little girl just kept looking at the box and could not believe she now owned a new pair of shoes and Red Ones to! Thank You to everyone who brought a smile not only to 77 faces in Salonta BUT GOD made it possible for another 50 new pairs of shoes to be taken for the Special Students attending the High School. And so, after Hospice Chapel, where my husband shared and then went to record Christmas Messages at the Radio Station, Daria and I went ‘shopping’ for shoes – negotiations commenced – resulting in 3 pairs of shoes for the price of 2 (I managed another 5% discount) !!!!!!!!!!.

Again, trace the rainbow in the cloud. TELL ROMANIA heralds the Christmas Message – Immanuel, God With Us. Come let us bow down and worship the Saviour of the World.’

Emanuel Hospice Homecare Team is an important part of my life, I am aware and recognise the skill, gifts displayed within this dedicated service. Sensitivity, Love, Kindness, Patience . . . I was privileged to share in their special Christmas celebration and so as I gazed around the patients (babies, young children, teenagers, adult, elderly) my heart, my innermost being ached, as I encountered the many smiling faces through an oxygen mask or those who could not sit upright, lying on 2 or 3 chairs placed together. The Syringe Drivers we were able to bring from Banbridge (worth £1000 each) will bring relief for the many in desperate need of pain control…Another gift of love.

Many of the children sang, quoted appropriate passages of scripture, Christmas music was provided firstly by a choir of adopted children, singing beautifully, followed by an excellence of traditional music from an orchestra of young people. Dr. Moore paid tribute to the staff (or as they say in Romania ‘Saluted’) and assured everyone of the full support of TellRomania. He ended telling how the Babe of Bethlehem came down from heaven to be The Saviour of the World. This was followed (appropriately) by the Christmas Story told through Puppeteers   The children sat ‘spellbound’ .Another surprise guest arrived dressed in Red and White and even though the conditions were ‘freezing’ no snow and certainly no Reindeer(s)! We smiled at the greeting of this most welcome guest ‘Ah Dr. Moore, My Professor’ – work this one out, he is the first Santa to graduate!

The highlight of the afternoon was spending time with the Gabor family, Marco (17) is getting tall, he was delighted with the Manchester United Cap sent to him by the staff of Coleraine Branch of Santander. Maria (Mum) is still busy painting her humble gypsy home. I never cease to be amazed how they survive – who am I? What am I?   ‘Lord, light the flame within my heart to love not just in word but in deed! With the provision TellRomania has received (to date) marked for the Hospice Feeding Programme – many will enjoy a Christmas meal and say “Thank You’ for caring.

Marinela (Director) and Dr. Beni walked my husband and I to a waiting car (on route to Cluj) Beni told us the electric bed, now installed in the home of the Romania Footballer is exactly what he needed! His lifestyle transformed – the Lord knew when and where – and provided! TellRomania is making a difference in the lives of people we have never met! There’s a call coming from across the land – this is our field of Mission – this is our Call and this we do as Unto Him!

And so to Cluj for the final part of our current trip. Dr. Moore has been teaching Friday / Saturday at a Conference arranged by Betel Baptist Church. The response has been unbelievable! How these young people were thirsting for the word, to be better equipped to ‘Go Forth And Tell’.

Sunday affords the opportunity to minister in two different Churches – again pray that the presence of the Lord will be real as the gospel is proclaimed. He Came To Bring Us Life!

I have been speaking with Estera and Flori during my time in Cluj – there is a bond of friendship and trust knowing we serve together – trying to reach out and ‘touch’ – that a rushing, mighty wind of His Spirit will blow through the land of Romania and that we will see, hear and know He is Lord, He will supply the strength to simply trust Him for the miles, the road ahead.

Personally, I am unable to take it all in just now, my emotions are clearly moved in fact broken – I only wish I could help every work across my path this latest trip, but I am reminded that I am only One, nevertheless I am One, that which I can, I will and will do to the glory of God. It is clear, the Lord is sending hundreds of children to the work of TellRomania ranging from Premature Babies / Maternity Hospitals (we know of 5 Maternity Hospitals urgently needing equipment (not including 2 hospitals visited by David Morton during his recent visit). Caminuel Felix Village 1/Special Needs School(s) Salonta and Oradea and Emanuel Hospice Homecare Team. All different yet all with great need. We leave it at the feet of the Master who loving said: ‘Suffer the little children to COME UNTO ME’.

Dr Moore has been chatting with Dr. Paul Negrut and the University are planning to send my husband’s book on the Pastoral Epistles for publication in the new year – asking the possibility of another on a particular subject – he needs time to write!   2015 is approaching fast – pray for us as we return home to seek the Lord as to the way forward. There is much to consider, so much need, so little time.

This morning, I spent over two hours with Sister Violeta Faragau learning of a new ministry coming my way – just now it is held in the corner of my heart, I need to pray, then to share – this will be an exciting challenge for TellRomania. I will post a special editorial in the new year. Dr Moore and I earnestly ask you to:

Pray we will know the mind of the Lord; Pray for health, strength in the way; Pray for His provision in sourcing equipment according to His plans and timing; Pray for the finance to meet the utility requirements of storage, haulage, shipping etc.

We are still in Romania and from the Sabou Home, Dr. Moore and I wish you CRCIUN FERICIT (MERRY CHRISTMAS)! 13th December 2014.