Special Delivery Wrapped In Love


I begin by quoting words inspired by Galatians 2: 20 and Colossians 3: 1-7 by Steve Wingfield:

Let Brotherly Love Continue (Hebrews 13: 1)


May you set your heart on things above

May you set your mind on things above

May you practice truth

May you allow Christ to be your all in all

May you practice truth

May you allow Christ to be your all in all

May you be clothed with

Compassion Kindness Humility Gentleness Patience

Forgive as the Lord forgives you

And over all these virtues may you put on love which

binds them together in perfect communion

May you let the peace of Christ dwell in your heart

May you let the Word of Christ dwell in you

May you home be an expressive home filled with passion

for Christ, for others, for life!

The closing lines ‘filled with passion for Christ, for others, for life’! This statement clearly defines the heart(s) of the devoted supporters of Tell Romania, who, at this blessed time of year, have chosen to show their passion in a ‘Special Delivery Wrapped In Love’.

To-day, children’s faces glow with excitement, expectancy as they rush downstairs to ‘open’ the first day in the Advent Calendar; the best is yet to be, the spectacular taste of that special chocolate treat !!!!!!!!!!!!

This Christmas, the family, the children of Tell Romania, will receive a very special delivery, sent with love and special greetings!.

Just last evening, I received an invitation from Professor Tabita Sass to attend the Christmas Carol Event in Salonta Special Needs School on Wednesday, 10th December, 2014. – I can’t wait to meet the staff and 77 pupils – hopefully some parents also. Let me share a few other special ‘happenings’ within the Moore household this week.

Joanna Magill is the daughter of Pastor & Mrs Jim Magill, Dromore Baptist Church, a very special young lady, so gifted in music. This year, as she celebrated her 17th birthday, she made a request to her friends. ‘Instead of buying a gift for my birthday please send a donation to Tell Romania.’ Her selected project – the Special Needs School in Salonta – There are no words!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hours before receiving Joanna’s card containing a gift of £90 – Reid’s Shoes of Belfast had telephoned to confirm they were donating the remainder of the children’s sale shoes to the Special Needs School. But the Manager, Mr Alan Gammon stated regretfully they were unable to meet all the sizes requested – BUT GOD already knew and had placed the need on the heart of a young 17 year old. – All Shoes on route to Romania – arrival date -Thursday!

A special word of gratitude and thanks to Mr Reid (Senior) and to his son Mr. Philip Reid for their Servant Heart shown in such a practical manner.

Not quite finished regarding Salonta – I had occasion to visit Causeway Fabrics in Coleraine where I had the privilege to meet – Kim Gillan and her sister Elizabeth Steel. As I began to chat about my particular role within the work of Tell Romania, Kim & Elizabeth listened intensely and their interest in the children’s work was evident so much so, I had to text ‘The Prof’ who was ‘missing’ – to come and assist in the unexpected donation! The reply : ‘I thought you were only calling in for ???? ‘I thought so to BUT GOD‘. Amazing ! The Special Needs School, Salonta, the Sunflower Sewing Room in Caminul Felix and the Art Therapy Class in Emanuel Hospice will be blessed in provision ‘beyond’ – thanks to the heart(s) of these two special ladies. God’s timing is always perfect and so accurate in every detail. Our sincere appreciation to Mr. Winston Pilair (Owner).

Dr. Moore was lecturing in IBC recently and I took the occasion to meet with a friend from Portadown Baptist Church, Hazel McFadden. We enjoyed ‘catching up’ over coffee and Hazel brought the most beautiful skirts and pinafores specifically made for the children in Romania. The beauty in this provision is they have been made with much love and thought displayed – the attention to detail is amazing and the time and patience incurred is evident. This is another Rainbow in the Cloud and coming to us all the way from Wexford! Again, these have been directed to the Special Needs School. Hazel and her friend Susan also purchased some new clothing for a few of the pupils! The C in Christmas represents the Christ Child – THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD HAS COME – this is why there is a Christmas Day!

Magherafelt BWF have been a tremendous source of support to me in my ministry to the children. To date this has consisted solely of working with Emanuel Hospice Home Care Team and the Roma families in Odoreu. Yet the Lord has extended my role to that of the Special Needs School, Caminul Orphan Village in Felix 1 and the Premature Baby Wing in Blaj. As a young wife, I did question why I did not have the blessing of a ‘child of my own’. NOW look what God has done! Hundreds to love and care – always and ever ‘Unto Him’.

Last week, Dr. Moore took part in the Sunday Evening service in Magherafelt B.C. On top of all their recent provision they presented my husband and I with 77 personal Christmas Gifts for every orphan residing in the six bungalows of Felix 1. I am totally speechless! I can’t wait to see their faces light up with joy as they receive a gift of their very own – Thank You Ladies, you are all special to me but your service is special to the Master.

Susan Anderson, has become a special friend – I have 40 profiling electric beds/mattresses still to collect from Musgrave Park Hospital. An email from her a few days ago and I quote: ‘Hi Shirley, I know the answer before I ask, I have wheelchairs and some other things, do you want them?’ My reply: ‘Susan, you know me so well’. This week we are preparing to observe the priority of the hospital requirement(s) in Cluj for the specialist electric beds. David Morton, leaves today ahead of Dr. Moore and I, his projected plan is to prioritise the requirements within the various hospitals amongst many other commitments. Arrangements will then be made dv to send all 40 beds/mattresses by a shipping container.

Do remember in prayer David, also Dr. Moore – the preaching/lecturing schedule is extremely heavy plus radio recordings on top of appointments etc. Again, pray for me as I travel to the various hospitals and schools to see, to hear BUT ALSO to listen to what God is saying. We all, as a team, need to know the mind of Christ our Saviour.

Brother Ivor Myers has been sent by the Lord specifically for SUCH A TIME AS THIS. One project within the six placed on our heart(s) was major, enormous – as husband and wife we questioned: ‘how can we furnish a Christian Retreat Centre in the mountain area of Racatau?’ Yet we knew this was what the Lord has laid on our heart(s). BUT GOD with precision had set His plans in motion! Ivor was God’s Man for this task! The entire contents of Ski Supreme will now be transported (half already on route) to Racatau – this would never have been possible, this would never have been achievable without the Servant Heart, the Open Heart, the beating Heart of Brother Ivor. We are told in the Word of God, ‘If you want to be great in God’s Kingdom, learn to be the Servant of All’.

May this be our prayer, may this be our aim as we approach another New Year, another year of service, opportunity, challenge Unto Him.

Yours As Unto Him – Shirley, 01 December 2014.