Finally Home

Pastor Jackie King, Calvary Baptist Church sent the following in a recent email: Three weeks before President J F Kennedy was assassinated he said, “Almost all Presidents leave office feeling that their work is unfinished, I have a lot to do and so little time to do it.”

A lot to do, so little time to do it? Got you thinking? Our minds in overdrive!

William Arthur Ward penned: ‘If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.’ And yes, we did achieve our goal last evening. In the pitch darkness of night (yet again) even too dark to take a picture and in torrential Romanian rain, the lorry thundered up the driveway of Emanuel University. With the light of a mobile torch, Dr. Moore identified each box with a team of male students, led by Andrei Miraute, standing by to unload. Perhaps only twelve young men but amazing – they carried over 1,000 books up eight flights of stairs, ‘All these books Sister Shirley this night?’  My heart ached as I watched them, soaking wet, dripping, yet so willing always replying ‘It is our joy’. What a task but they were determined to finish! Three ministries were standing by to receive their specific items, the remaining items for Emanuel University and hospitals taken to their Store for sorting and distribution. i.e:, School Furniture, Medical Equipment (we commence an inventory tomorrow).   Casa Grace were thrilled to receive over one hundred boxes, laptops, desktops, disabled equipment. The contact coming to collect the Designer Suits/Hats tomorrow.

Dr Moore is at present in discussions regarding the publishing and printing of his translated commentary, also establishing the arrangements for the radio ministry. Today he continues to write the new book on the Epistle to the Galatians – among other things… Shirley will visit hospitals, and the ministries of Casa Grace from Monday onward. The Beauty of Holiness Group resumes shortly although all her girls have been ‘in touch’ with a beautiful flower arrangement so lovingly placed to say ‘Welcome Home’. So little time, so much to do…

We value your prayers, we need to feel your heart beat in mission with ours.

Hamilton & Shirley

13 October, 2016.

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