‘For He loves us with unfailing love; the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.’ Psa 117: 2.

‘I have loved you with an everlasting love’ Jer 31: 3.

‘Many waters cannot quench love; neither can rivers drown it.’ SofS 8: 7.

Love cannot be bought! Yet, the highest love of all, paid the highest price!

As we read in the Word of God, His love is unending, unchangeable and unconditional. It is a pure love that is ours to treasure, to possess. The love of our ‘Heavenly Father’ is never beyond our reach – just like the beautiful rose, fragrant with dew, part of its fragrance remains, likewise the dew, the fragrance of Our Heavenly Father is constantly bestowed, each drop significant in its time.

Shirley, why so pensive this morning? Just thinking about His Love, His Goodness, His Grace – the unending supply of provision, the gift of friendship, the joy of giving, receiving, the blessings, the rainbow of hope and purpose – in fact, just knowing somebody cares – precious and priceless! This is Our Father’s world – He is Light, He is Faithful!

THE MESSAGE defines Psalm 117: 2 ‘His love has taken over our lives; God’s faithful ways are eternal’.

Returning home, this particular mission trip was filled with challenge, opportunity for Dr. Moore and for me ……………… emotion! Child Life Romania weighed heavy on my heart. BUT GOD had it all in His control! He has sent ‘AN ARMY’ of ladies who have a ‘Mind To Work’ – contacts, appointments commencing immediately – Belfast to Lurgan and further – distance? Supplies from Wales, knitting from Coventry, Library of Books from Greenock, Scotland. ‘Workers Together’.

At times methinks … September (only weeks away) storage, container, provision, collections, packing….in my weaker moments (yes, I have those) I lift my eyes to heaven and WAIT! My Heavenly Father drops the dew, the fragrance, just when needed. A few examples from the past week: Whilst in the Faith Mission Bookshop, Coleraine, stopped by a lady. ‘Shirley?’ ‘Yes, that’s me’, I replied. ‘I’m Lynn from School of Dentistry and we have three cages for you, I will talk to Sinead and she will contact you’. The following day, another lady. ‘Are you Shirley who led the choir? I was just watching a CD of you, my name is Sarah and I …’ Our chat resulted in an email arriving last evening offering 30 blankets, provisions for C.L.R. Colin McFarland purchasing beautiful ‘Butterfly’s’ for the Art Therapy Class. This one, overwhelmed me; I received an email advising of an urgent need (3 Gypsy families near Suceava) where the late Pastor’s wife (Catela, aged 74) gave her shoes to a lady, walked home in socks! I felt so helpless, so far removed, yet hiding His promise in my heart, I did not share this with anyone only My Heavenly Father.   BUT GOD! Yes, the following morning on returning home after two appointments the Lord had sent the resources to help the Roma Families in need!  ‘Your Heavenly Knoweth What Things You have Need Of’! These are but a few examples of the faithfulness of God.   And so it continues:

Key Ladies heading the project of Child Life Romania in Ballycrochan, Coleraine, Grange, Limavady, Magherafelt, Millisle, Mountpottinger, Newtownbreda Baptist Churches, Carnalbanagh Ladies Knitting Group, Jethro Centre, Lurgan, Deaf Fellowship Church, Belfast, Sisters Eleanor Hunter, Linda McFerran, Carol Williamson , Deirdre Cunningham – the list is endless and growing!

We are indebted to Ivor Boyd, Logans of Cloughmills, hosting an Evening of Fashion for 100 ladies-Thursday, 22nd October-a wonderful evening with Fashion, Buffet Supper, Music Ensemble.

The Trustworthiness of God ….sustaining, seeing beyond, His love continues forever, there is nothing we can do to change His love, we can rest in personal serenity. Our Father knows and provides only the best for His own.

Walk with me by faith – it can move mountains!

Shirley, 21 July 2015