Alone with my thoughts – room 205 seems ‘strangely quiet’ – suddenly the strains of amazing harmony stir my heart. Student(s) rehearsing for their various Mission Trips. Week-end(s) are usually ‘quiet’ compared to the hustle and bustle of ‘University Life’ during the week, but especially this week-end as my husband is on a four day Mission Trip. I sit quietly ‘listening’ to His word. Many people crossed our path this week – my thoughts turn to the apostle Paul where he highlights the faith of Abraham. He may have had momentary hesitations but no deep-seated distrust; rather he had an unwavering faith in the promise of God. I can readily identify, proving that where and when God leads, it happens! My Father Planned it all!

Six Weeks ????????????? Time stands still for no man!

Dr. Moore was invited to preach in the Emanuel Church for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired – an experience we shall never forget! The presence of the Lord, the atmosphere of love and compassion one for the other. ‘Praise the Lord’ – they certainly knew how to do that!  It was important to make contact as we have an engagement back home on the first Sunday of July in the Belfast Church – we look to the Lord to bless and unite a bond between the Belfast and Oradea Churches. A quick exit – Dr. Moore was due to speak in Arad at 3 p m (2.5hr car journey) normal in Romania. Radio Voice of the Gospel had requested my husband to record a series on: The Afterlife/Lord’s Second Coming/Future of Israel – during one of the recording sessions I had time to ‘catch up’ with Florica Chereches (Member of House of Parliament, Oradea) Florica represents Children’s Education, Welfare, Social Care and is a tremendous asset to the ministry of Emanuel Hospice. My husband has one final recording, I will also record – and by popular demand include another ‘Irish Recipe’ on the Gastronomical programme My female listeners enjoy hearing of our ‘Irish Culture’ Dr. Moore enjoyed the hospitality of John and Hilary Moody (Grange Baptist Church) on many occasions when preaching in Grange.   One of his ‘all time’ favourites was Hilary’s Wheaten Bread, now it will be a regular addition on the breakfast table in Romania. The Banana Bread is a close second!

I am fully aware of the different ‘roles’ we both hold within the work of TELLROMANIA – we both know and are fully persuaded it is a ‘partnership’ ‘In Him and Unto Him’ – we enjoy ‘serving together’ but there are times (and becoming more apparent) our individual calling requires travelling different roads – if honest, not always easy but we have purpose, high assignments remembering our works will follow us!  The opportunity in Pecieu is tremendous – Pastor Calin Talos has nine churches and invited Dr. Moore to teach the Roma Men in a two day school – extending the invitation to preach in four of his churches on Sunday, 9am/10am/4pm and 7pm. I spoke on Skype briefly to my husband and he was encouraged at the response of the Roma men in the school last evening – although limited in reading they all passed their Examination – some 60% and a few 100%.  Two Gypsy King’s (called Bulibasa) faithfully attended, establishing ‘foundations’ for the future!

It has taken me twenty-four hours to release the emotion before I could write to you. The Emanuel Hospice Children’s Day will live in my heart – excitement filled the air as the ‘Bus’ arrived to take the children to the beautiful lake and mountain area. I met with Benny’s Mum (My Little Lamb) who went home to be with the Lord two days after Christmas, the children of Mia, all my little jewels from the Art Therapy Class (Bereaved Children) – their little faces still pale, their searching eyes – still sad! The heat was scorching – it was so hot in Romania (40degs) the owners of the restaurant provided ‘fans’ in the outside area – so graciously caring for those who were only able to sit in the shade and watch!  After sharing lunch together we played many games – one in particular – Flying (Plastic) Chickens & ‘Hula Hoops’ – I haven’t seen Hula Hoops since ???????? The sound of their laughter filled the air – they were happy and enjoying ‘to-day’. Gordon and Paul from ‘Scottish Aid to Eastern Europe’ provided ‘Toys’ in abundance – each child coming forward to make ‘that special toy’ their own! I watched little Dragos and David and out of all the Vibrant Red Fire Engines, Brightly Painted Lorries, Diggers, Tractors, Lego – they (carefully) made their choice!   A Blue Teddy Bear!  It was ‘lovingly’ held close – good to be hugged!. They have just lost their Mum. My friend Joshua (5) was there, he has just finished kindergarten and will commence Class Zero in September. I remarked to his father ‘he is getting taller’ – he smiled trying to understand my Romanian. A Roma Gentleman (a large family) also there – he is trying to maintain his wife’s garden so the children will remember her! All these ‘little ones’ have lost their ‘Mums’ very recently – pray for these ‘Dads’ and their responsibilities – home, family, job, there is a lot of pain in their silence! Two precious little girls have penetrated my very being – they have a very rare skin disease – each visit, one can ‘see’ the deterioration yet the smiles are still the same! It was a real treat for me to take them home in the back of Dr. Moore’s car – they will still be waiting in September when I return although for many this will not be the case – remember this amazing ministry. This, I must mention, Tori is the little girl of Pastor & Mrs Elijah Soritau – I noticed her standing and (as always) her amazing smile, holding a very large Red Fire Engine! ‘Wow, Tori, is this for you?’ ‘No Mrs. Shirley, my choice is for my baby brother’. How does one follow that? I came home (no husband to talk things over) feeling so small, this ‘special little girl’ taught me so much – thank you Tori. Her book will be launched at the Auction planned in October for C.L.R.

Pray for the publication of my husband’s book – it will be published in English, Romanian and Hungarian (already with translators). Dr. Paul Negrut and my husband are prayerfully considering the possibilities of future ministry training – we will update you at a later date when foundation(s) have been laid regarding future plans.

Dr. Moore and I have been invited to attend the Graduation of the School of Dentistry. In the book of Ruth we read: ‘Stand Still, See How The Matter Will Fall’. TellRomania has been trying to source a Dental Treatment Centre for two of the students who provide treatment free in the Roma Villages. Heavy in heart and heavy on my mind, I prayed: ‘Lord what would you have me do?’ The following morning I wrote to Richard Wilson, (the gentleman who obtained the chair donated to the Orphan Village of Felix earlier in the year) ‘Richard, can you help me, can you point me in the right direction …’ Within one hour an email arrived back ‘Yes, Shirley, I think I can help you, I have a …’ Continue to pray with us – God is moving!

Prompted regarding Child Life Romania I contacted the Royal Jubilee Maternity Hospital – immediate response from Paul Russell – ‘I have …………………….’  David Morton is collecting Monday or Tuesday! May our faith be active through our love – I need to keep reminding myself of the words of the Lord Jesus: ‘Is Anything Too Hard For Me?’

It will be good to share with Brother Tom Cairns in Satu Mare/Odoreu during the four days of lecturing, teaching and Mission – pray for a time of blessing for a bond that will bind us together in love ‘one for the other’.   We plan to finish with a Praise Service – a first!

My husband and I return to ‘think upon these things’ – Lecturing, Preaching, Mission Outreach, Writing, Radio, Emanuel Hospice, Child Life Romania, Emanuel Student Mentoring, Emanuel University – even now as I close, the student(s) are still singing – no, I am incorrect, they are worshipping! Excuse me while I open my door – my heart is filled with such love for these precious young lives.   They vibrate humility, love, kindness, meekness . . . ‘He’ is Lord of their lives! I really do not have to think much about the future!

Andrei (Theology Student) met my husband as he was returning from his Mission Trip. ‘Pace Professor, did you have a blessed time, did you see results?’ Please Sir, let me wash and clean your car for you – you look so tired’. These young people possess ‘A Shepherd Heart’.

My final update before returning to Northern Ireland – my husband is home, excited, encouraged, challenged – twenty-two Roma men ‘hanging on to every word’ each evening in the school. Unbelievable power yesterday preaching in Ratin Roma Church, Pecieu Church on two occasions and finally in Huseni Roma Church. These are remarkable opportunities with people ready to receive the good news.

Our hearts remain in Romania – pray that together by our example in word and deed that a rainbow will be spread over this valley of tears.


Shirley – June 2015

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