‘A beautiful morning for the fall of the year’ I remarked to Estera as we walked to the Hospice Car. ‘It is cold Sister Shirley, there is a wind’ was her reply. But for me it was a beautiful morning; the trees displaying their golden regalia with dignity even in the midst of the many falling leaves, the crisp air filled my heart with sunshine as I thought silently of the differing seasons, so thankful in my heart that every season has a purpose ordered by the Hand of God.


Soon we arrived at the State University of Oradea; classes were over and many students hurriedly passed by. My eyes scanned the pavement, yet as I waited I thought of how the winter of our lives with rough winds and storms soon become spring, summer…

Suddenly there she was running towards us, wrapped warmly with coat and scarf, ‘It has been many months, I am so glad to see you’. My heart leapt as I remembered the winter in Denisa’s life now spring, summer.

Denisa was excited, she had so much to tell. Yes, we reflected on her fifteen months in Italy, her strength of character shining though her beautiful dark eyes.

She shared her fifteen months in Italy, endless tests, treatments, procedures, separated from a loving Mum and Dad, treasured hopes, dreams, ambitions. God has poured and endless ocean of love into the heart of this twenty three year old young lady, now filled with determination to complete her Medical studies. Denisa has now been accepted into the State University of Oradea where she has commenced her second year, her friends are now in fourth year yet she smiles and with a softness in her voice saying ‘I know I have another six years of study but I am determined to finish. I want to make a difference in the world of Haematology through my personal experience’.

God has pruned and prepared this heart to be a blessing.

An added joy was to learn that Denisa now resides close to Emanuel University. In order to attend the State University Denisa has had to leave her village and rent a small one room apartment in the centre of Oradea.  Lilianna (Denisa’s Mum) and Denisa visit alternate week-ends. It is lovely to feel the warmth of love as she talks of her Mum and the many sacrifices made and readily given on her behalf.

Isaiah 46:4. ‘I have made you and I will carry you, I will sustain you and I will rescue you’.

Please continue to remember Denisa, whisper her name in prayer. She will continue to have regular appointments in Italy in the immediate future

‘How is Dr.Moore?’ she enquired leaving Esteria and I to the lift. ‘Call some evening and he will make you a cup of ‘Twinings’. We waved Good-Bye for now!

Shirley, 02 November 2016

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