The Rains of Grace

ellaNovember16.jpgA gentle knock on the door of 205. ‘Is it too early Sister Shirley?’ Estera whispered. ‘I do not want to disturb Dr. Moore’ (who had been busy writing since 5 am your time back home).   As she stepped inside, we excitedly gathered all our packages together for my long awaited reunion with my precious treasure, Ella.

The road to Beius had improved slightly. Again it was a beautiful autumnal morning, the sunlight streaming through the car windows. A few roses still persisting to bloom in the hard grip of the soil. Shepherds guiding their sheep back into the safety of the fold. Immediately I thought of ‘Heaven’s Lamb’ and silently offered thanks with a grateful heart as I anticipated my day.

Soon the towering block of flats was in sight, Angelina was so overjoyed we had finally arrived, she waved furiously from the top window. Life is an adventure and so began another adventure (perhaps the word attempt would be more appropriate) climbing the eighteen flights of stone stairs to the ninth floor. Ella couldn’t wait, she ran outside displaying that amazing smile, hugging and kissing me until I could hardly breathe; her little face shone with such a radiance and her little heart was filled with so much joy. ‘I have waited for you, oh (and with a look I shall never forget) this is for you, I painted it especially for you,’ placing in my hand a beautiful signed work of art. Tears filled my eyes. Ella was discharged from hospital only yesterday and throughout the weeks of treatment, was still thinking of others! I cannot control the circumstances surrounding this very rare condition or the situations placed in this home but I can show the love of Christ, I can show Angelina that others care. Oh that I might know Him better, that my heart be like a watered garden filled with the fragrance of Him.

Angelia displays a very special grace as her husband Lazar is now in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and her son, Aurlian (26) and Ella (16) have been diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency – a disease which leads to complications and Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpra. Ella is in hospital twice each month and Aurlian once per month and their father is now confined to bed permanently. Ella is unable to attend school as she could Haemorrhage at any time, due to her extreme deficiencies, required blood transfusions. Normal schooling is not an option and so Ella receives one hour home schooling each week. (She also has been diagnosed with Osteoporosis.)

After a refreshing drink of spring water I asked if I may see the recent repairs. Through her sobs, Angelina told me she cannot believe a person, unknown to her, back in Northern Ireland, paid for these repairs, which has been life changing. Yet still in the corner was a two ring picnic stove measuring 18’ x 12; this is the cooker, the oven for this household of four! Hospital bills take priority over utility bills, yet one cannot help but notice, feel the apparent love, care one for the other in this humble home. What is the secret of His freshness? I quote:

‘The Way’, to reach the Inaccessible
‘The Truth’, the great Inscrutable to know
‘The Life’; And thus He opens up the eye
To see, the mind to grasp, the way to go.

Shirley, 03 November, 2016.

David writes: Shirley is facing such overwhelming needs in Romania at the present time. Hence so many posts close together – but these are only a fraction of the great challenges before them. Please pray for wisdom to know God’s leading and for resources to help meet these challenges. And if you have friends who are not on Facebook, please consider sharing the link to the web site news page Thank you and God bless you.


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