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1 Corinthians 16v9 ‘For a great door and effectual is opened unto me and there are many adversaries’.

hamiltonpreachingSaturday 22nd October I preached at the wedding of Nicu and Alexandra.   Nicu was formerly a student in Emanuel where I taught him on many occasions, a very able and humble young man, extremely gifted in music. Now assistant Pastor in a church in Bai Mare, preaching and working directly with the young people.

Men think weddings are long drawn out affairs in NI. Here in Romania it began at 2pm; eight Pastors preached (including myself) followed by a full musical programme. The meal was at 5-5.30pm which lasted late into the evening with many speeches. Pray for Nicu and Alexandra as they have begun married life. They will need help as they seek to find and make a home for themselves.

My writing of the commentary on Galatians for Romania continues.   It is very much needed, especially the teaching on salvation by grace and not through the law. Seventh Day Adventism is strong here. The work will be entitled ‘Glory in the Cross’ – with 6v14 the climax ‘God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ…’ This is a vital emphasis needed in this land and in the UK as well. We can so easily be moved away from preaching that men are lost, preaching about the sinfulness of sin and that the only answer is in God’s initiative to remove his own wrath in the death of his son.

The first book, 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus is now being prepared for publication by the Emanuel Printing House. It will take a little time to do this and then we look to the Lord to help us get it printed and offer it free to the Pastors.

Last Sunday we travelled to Mierlau, to the Baptist Church and yesterday were at Radio Voice of the Gospel to begin recordings for December and Christmas. We had a Research Forum on 1st November but on Thursday (10th) I will deliver a presentation at the International Conference along with Dr David Howard (Bethel University, USA) and Dr. Michael Haykin (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, USA – via a skype call), plus local Theology teachers. The theme of the Conference is on the Emanuel website ‘Missiological and Theological Themes: Challenges for the Twenty-First Century’. This weekend we travel to Cluj (the young pastor, Filip Faragau went home to heaven in August and we will meet with his widow Violeta and his father and mother, Beni and Nora); I am preaching on Sunday for Dr Marius Sabou in Betel Baptist.

We appreciated so much the help from Coleraine and elsewhere in loading the Romanian truck which came to the Ballymoney store. The lorry came to Oradea after we arrived with so many things that God knew were needed here (check Shirley’s blog). She continues to be used in so many personal situations, with Casa Grace (orphans) and in the homes of the Hospice care patients. Last night (Monday) she again met with ‘her girls’ for a meeting. (The Lord Jesus touched and changed so many lives as he met them personally – we his servants are open to follow his example).

Pray for us :

My presentation at the Conference on Thursday

Distribution of 1,000 books donated by ICM Lurgan at Pastor’s Conference next week in Emanuel.

Preaching in Cluj

Our contact with Male and Female Students

My writing of the commentary on Galatians

Shirley in her ongoing visits to the homes of Hospice patients, those under the care of Casa Grace, Disabled and Abandoned children, Child Life Romania.

Hamilton Moore. Tuesday 8th November, 2016.

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