MALACHI 1: 11.

Heather Mercer, Every Home Crusade, has been a friend of long standing, I have just received an email from her, (I quote) ‘ I have eighteen pairs of shoes (so far) and some lovely knee socks – a lady from my church who is unable to go out to shops is giving me a cheque to buy shoes. Keep you informed.’ May the Lord bless the Servant Heart of this Sister who even from the confines of her home is willing to show such compassion to these precious young darlings. Her reward will be knowing these little feet will be ‘Warm & Cosy’ as they trudge the rugged roads in freezing conditions throughout the villages of Romania.

My husband and I came home mid June with ‘our plans’ yet God turned us right around as after two days the ‘avalanche’ came! We await the hurricane! To date, we have (in storage) what will fill two containers – possibly three! Yet our plans were to send one this year ( already done and dusted) one next year with another the following – yes ‘our plans’. ‘BUT GOD’ (my phrase again) had other plans! Were we ready? Have we become resigned to the happenings? Our prayer at the outset of each new day is that our trust will no longer be in the Lord but is the Lord! And so we rest in the knowledge that the Lord who started this work (here and now) will complete to the finish line!

Six projects were placed on our hearts, each one confirmed with signs and wonders (some already shared with you in earlier updates). Yet this week, as I attended the Ulster Hospital, the Lord again confirmed ‘we are in the way He is leading’ – staff who have really become friends over the past year, genuinely interested in our work and so eager to help, a lady who I have never met, Gail Gregg, Arches Health Centre, friends – Ethel from Newtownards all with the same mind – to provide shoes for these ‘tired and cold tiny feet’. Margaret from Omagh knitting warm hats for the premature baby department, the faithful team of ladies in Ballycrochran, Carnalbanagh, Mountpottinger, Tobermore – knitting neck warmers, socks, cardigans, blankets, Darinda sourcing items for a commercial kitchen, Maeve, distributing updates to supporters in our home Church at Castlreagh who have no internet access. The dedicated teams of Baptist Women linked to our various Baptist Churches who faithfully stand with me, who feel the prompting of the Lord to ‘Go Forward’. Texts from Jeff and Eddie at Banbridge – ‘just to inform you David, Diane from Magherafelt made a ‘drop’ of shoes, clothes last Saturday. All these people, collecting, collating why? ‘To The Least Of These’!

Are our Lamps trimmed and burning? Are we Light in a dark place?

A few days ago, I had the privilege to meet ‘Florrie’ a young GP from Cluj , her life story is amazing and I will share it on my web page very soon. From her I learned of the primitive conditions where she gave birth to her baby son, Levi 5 months ago. Wherever I go I am so aware of the pressure, the storms that rage every day, yet are accepted as normal! Can we build better? Can we build stronger? The bonds of love constrain us, remind us – ‘If My People’!

Trying to catch up (yes again with grocery shopping) a telephone call from Brother Lyle Simpson – ‘Can you come to Londonderry to view items for your commercial kitchen’?’ We plan to go tomorrow.

Sharing a cup of coffee with Paul and Lynette Simpson – another confirmation, as we were leaving Lynette asked could we use ‘stationery / crafting’ items – total of three boxes – I smiled, replying: ‘Through your offering, the Lord has commenced the Kindergarden Project in the city of Arad.

One by one, line upon line, each project has commenced : Emanuel Hospice / Special Needs School, Shoe Project, Salonta / Odoreu Village / Christian Centre, Racatau / Arad Kindergarden / Community of Felix Orphan Village.

Brother Ken Maxwell, who went to be with the Lord in January displayed such love and passion for the work of Tellromania – his Gauntlet has now been taken up by his daughter Ruth, whose desire is to follow in the steps of her Father. ‘O May All Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful’.

Sister Maria Gabor – a trophy of grace, who would be delighted to know that through sharing her story of the tragic loss of little Daniel a few months ago – people from the Deaf Community have been moved. Dr. Moore and I met with Stephanie and Joyce who were attending New Horizon and it is hoped we will have the opportunity to share with these brothers and sisters at their location in Belfast.

This is somewhat of a personal update, sharing as to how the Lord brings to performance His plan through many new roads of discovery and challenge.

God had not finished! My husband and I, whilst overwhelmed with God’s provision were silently concerned and struggling within regarding the raising of the finance to send further containers to Romania.

Dr. Moore’s first Pastorate was in Magherafelt Baptist Church in the late 1960’s where he first met his friend of long standing – Brother George McKee. A telephone call came and two friends from long ago shared together – George confiding that the Lord has placed the work of Tellromania on his heart – ‘FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS’. There was a way the present need could be met. Plans were set in motion – the result – Dr. Moore and I attended a cheque presentation last week in Maghera – receiving the total amount to cover one container!

We rest our case! It is all in God’s Hands – God has chosen this time to make His arm bare and He will touch the hearts of His people to meet the need.

Who has ever heard anything like this? Remember Dr. Moore and I as we commence a series of meetings in Dromore, Grange, Glenarm, Magherafelt, Omagh, Portadown Baptist Churches and Ballee, Ballymena.

Ambitions. Hopes. Plans – Surrendered! Submitted! Sorted!

Finally, I encourage you to read m
y husband’s latest prayer letter accessed from the link on the top of this page.



12 August 2014