Will the real Shirley Moore please stand ?


I was wakened aware my sub-conscious mind had been activated by reflecting on one of my husband’s sermons, preached in Grange Baptist Church the day before, as he spoke on : The Christian Soldier. I was soon to realise enlistment was already in place! My ‘Boots’ had to be quickly polished, firmly fixed on ground level awaiting the command ‘FORWARD MARCH’. Am I ready to advance? The battle is the Lord’s, the attack our challenge – the ‘HURRICANE’ I spoke of in my previous update was now blowing in with a wind of change and strategy.

What is a typical week with ‘The Moore’s’ ???????????????????

OK, Monday morning, my ever dutiful and caring husband deposited his ‘better half’ at The Ulster Hospital for a six hourly infusion, with collection plans already confirmed at around 5 p m. Normally, I would receive several ‘Texts’ throughout the course of the day to monitor my progress! SILENCE! The day was soon progressing into evening and still no sign of the ‘Professor’. Pauline Doherty (Ward Sister) came my way ‘Shirley is Dr. Moore collecting you’? My reply: (and I wasn’t joking) – ‘Pauline, Dr. Moore could be anywhere – but he will arrive, trust me’.

All was revealed on route home to Portstewart and so ‘A day in the life of the heart, the core of Tellromania unfolded’.

‘Sorry, I am late but I had just settled in Union College adding material to my book on the Pastoral Epistles when a telephone call, several in fact came. The School of Dentistry, Royal Victoria Hospital offering dental equipment requiring immediate collection. This was unexpected so I had to personally collect (two runs) – no store, yet the Lord undertook, my first port of call to Victor McCreedy (who happened to be on a day’s leave) – sorted, stored.’ Is this not God at work ? Let me back this up sharing the facts that Brother Mihi Bulc from the Orphan Village of Felix had made contact with us on Saturday (two days previous) seeking help for ‘dental equipment’ for their village – we could only reply at that stage – ‘we will try to source’. This is when you embrace the amazing recognition that when God is IN and OVER ALL that ‘BEFORE YOU CALL, HE WILL ANSWER’. On one of our recent trips May/June of this year, we had opportunity to visit their Dental Surgery and became aware that all the contents were at least thirty years of age – and so we ask you to rejoice with us as we acknowledge that yet again the Lord has opened a ‘Great and Effective Door’ before our very eyes. Singleness of heart, of mind, strength to walk in unshakable faith with intentional actions displayed in the God we serve.

To-day Tuesday! Now, I wonder what receptacle of praise will ascend by close of day? Appointments are in place – The Arches Health Centre, Newtownbreda Baptist Church, Belfast City Hospital and on and on……………..before collecting (hopefully) you know who!

Another eventful drive home to ‘The Port’ with the exciting news that Newtownbreda Baptist Church have taken up the Shoe Project ‘Cosy Toes’ for the gypsy village of Odoreu where 300 families reside incorporating 600 adult and 200 children – T H A N K Y O U!

Wednesday/Thursday – an army of volunteers – no muskets, no armour – armed purely with screwdrivers, spanners, pliers all roads lead to Gransha Hospital in Londonderry where Ryan will drive his 40ft container and following close behind , David, Freddie, Gary, ‘The Moore’s’ where we will all commence ‘OPERATION SALVAGE’ with Brother Lyle Simpson. Everything we need and yes, even the commercial kitchen is waiting – the list is endless – ranging from Board Tables, Desks, Screens, Lockers, Sink Unit(s), FridgeFreezer, Dishwasher, Oven/Hob . . .

Shirley, Stop! Take a deep breath! This is a supreme moment in history in the life of Tellromania. Who I am, what I am, my character, conduct, conversation should always be under construction – there are always lessons to be learned – together we form an integral part of being complete in Him. God sees beyond the here and now, what was, is and shall be. We have been commissioned, we have enlisted, we are under divine orders, divine compulsion will motivate our actions. DRIVE 2014 IS ON! SATURDAY, 25 OCTOBER, WE GO IN THE NAME OF THE LORD WITH THE ULTIMATE ASSURANCE – GOD WILL PROVIDE.

Shirley , 19 August 2014