Miraculous Workings

Miraculous Workings!

‘Why are you fearful, O you of little faith?’ (Matt 8: 26). Yesterday morning, during our ‘quiet time’ I asked the Lord for a seal, I suppose I was looking for a sign of approval. But then, trying to reassure my mind (which is constantly in overload, overdrive) – I prayed: ‘ Lord, help me not to stand in the way of your miraculous works, help me never to feel important but to remain focused concentrating my mind on You, aware of the intense privilege, challenge You have sent, yes to the point of ‘the trial or testing of our faith’!

My husband and I shared as to how the Lord has confirmed every project to date – a little drop of rain here, a little handful on purpose there, touching the hearts of His people, people we have never met yet who care, who want to share in this ‘Shower of Blessing’ pouring fast and furious at this time.

One project – heavy on my heart: And so I questioned and yes answered, telling myself, the dental project of the Orphan Village of Felix was perhaps unachievable and unobtainable for two ordinary people – we are certainly not a large organisation yet our hearts not only ‘burn within us’ but are ‘on fire’ to turn the ignition key on His provision to date.

Last evening, an email arrived and I quote: ‘ I was given your email address by —– I hope you are well. I know of an Anthos Dental Treatment Centre for a left-handed operator in good condition which the owner would be happy to donate to charity. Would you be interested in taking this unit for Tell Romania?’. I was speechless, floored, in fact, it was the first time I encountered my quiet, unassuming husband ‘jump for joy’. ‘Shirley, what is the Lord doing, we cannot keep up?’. What did I say earlier? Privilege, Challenge, one further word is missing – Exciting! These are days that will never be repeated, these are days of learning, lessons in trust, total reliance as stated in Mark 9: 22 ‘If you can do anything, have compassion on us and help us’. It is certainly a humbling experience but then I am reminded that it is in the place of humiliation we find our true worth in Him!

Rejoice with us! As I type, arrangements are in place for this unit to be dismantled – with collection in place next week and a second trip to Gransha Hospital for another 40ft container of Medical Equipment and Items for Racatau Christian Centre, Satu Mare and Special Needs School, Solanta.

Pray for us as we ‘take the next step’ that we will be devoted and disciplined as we listen to His voice. Upright stewards, servants unto Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask (and yes) or even imagine.

Shirley – 05 September 2014