Fairest Lord Jesus


( 4 ) All fairest beauty, heavenly and earthly,
Jesus, my Lord, in You I see;
None can be nearer, fairer or dearer
than You, my Saviour, are to me. 

My heart was stirred this morning as I listened to the strains of this beautiful hymn so beautifully rendered by the church pianist (Nora Flanagan) and orchestra. Verse 4 really hit home!

Particularly at this time of year, we all have various list(s) in place: ‘Things To Do’ / ‘Strengths & Weaknesses’ etc etc. But for me this morning, my list was one of ‘Questions’!

Is God’s will my will? / Have I surrendered the secret corners of my heart (TOTALLY)? Is God’s purpose compelling me to know my calling and to GO? Is it about ‘Self-Awareness or Christ Awareness’? Am I humble or do I feel important?

During these nine weeks at home as I reflect on the challenge, responsibility – aware of the value, the privilege of our ‘Friendship with Jesus’, our Awesome God who has proved every day that He is OUR God. If I have a purpose of my own then I am of no value but if I learn to abide, allowing Him to take me right to the end of my own self-sufficiency then I will know His virtues, strength, character. He is teaching me the one true value of being available to serve with a ‘compelling love’ for those who have never known the joy of feeling loved or special and who live day by day alone and yes sadly will die alone! One quality is all I ask: ‘Lord teach me to love the unlovable’!.

Many of you have been such an encouragement to my husband and I as these have been weeks of many opportunities with tremendous challenges incurred – in fact a new road for both Dr. Moore and I – an unfamiliar role yet one of privilege!

We rose with the dawn leaving Thursday morning not returning home until late Friday night. Two amazing days! Loading another 40ft container at Gransha Hospital, driving to offload at Ballyclare Store – the sight was something else – men carrying hospital wardrobes on their backs (another story for another day)! Appointments late into the evening with seven more to follow on Friday. Too late for grocery shopping and so early Saturday morning we made our way to Coleraine.

I am very aware it is only weeks until we leave to be in Romania to receive the two containers at the border. Dr. Moore and I are so aware of the service given with such devotion by a few special sisters and from time to time we personally acknowledge their love and commitment. One sister I knew so wanted a bag to carry her bible to church and so as I often joke grocery shopping is just a minor requirement within the Moore household. My husband’s priority was to ‘find a bag’ and so one was duly placed into my hands! My first reaction (female intuition) ‘can we afford this?’ ‘Shirley, leave it with God’ was the reply. And so the purchase proceeded!

Returning home our first port of call was to the mail box as (he who shall be nameless) had a birthday on Friday and was expecting cards!!!!!!!!!! One letter only was to be found – the contents filled with such love and emotion – I quote: ‘I am 91 years of age and not able now to take a physical active role in church which means I have more time to read and pray (often just in my heart, for He knows) – I was very touched to read of ….. and if it is acceptable, I would like to send something occasionally for her shopping. Thank you for telling me so much in your letter, it strengthens my spirit to learn of these wonderful people, so very involved in the Lord’s work’. The cheque she enclosed was the exact amount required to cover the purchase of the bag!!!!!!

What can I say, what can I add? The Lord met the need through a lady I have yet to meet yet who heart is bound by cords of love. I close with yet again, ‘Before You Call I WILL answer.’

I ask again PLEASE continue to pray for us that we may know His wisdom, strength, provision.

Shirley, 14 September 2014